Study Abroad in US

For those of you thinking to study abroad, but got no thoughts where to go? US is a option. Now you must be asking, Why?  Firstly, there are lot of colleges who give scholarship to international students which is very helpful in economical living. Secondly, Student Visa (F and J) is easy to get as US government has easy norms for that. US has 30 out of 45 top most world-class universities there. US government spends a good share of GDP in education, research and development.

Choosing a college is a difficult task, we know. Look for best programme in which you want to get enrolled and does it match your future plans. As soon as you done with it. You will be requiring documents to travel and register for the program you want to get enrolled. There is different requirement of documents for different programs of Visa approval, so collect complete information.

There is total chaos in the life of an international student, dealing with new language and culture. So many post arrival tasks such as dealing with international student office, keeping track of orientation dates, opening a bank account, applying for on campus jobs, finding an apartment and so on can be tiring. An international student has to go through a "test of will" during application process and on arrival in the U.S.

Don't worry there are lots of Off Campus Housing facilities for International students. They will be safe for you. Accommodation are available for both temporary and permanent time period. You can choose to live for a temporary time period before getting a permanent place to live

You must be thinking how to get back to your family so that they won't worry about you. It takes time to get Social Security Number so that you can purchase a phone to call home. But there are prepaid phones which can be used in initial days. There are different plans you can get.

Pickup facility is also available for students so that after a long flight to US they won't get in a mess of fetching transport. That will be economical and reliable.