Android Games

Are you looking for the best free games? Why purchase premium games if you can enjoy these top free games? There are different categories for the mobile gadget. If you love playing free online games, you can also download it to your mobile gadget and play it anywhere and anytime of the day.

There are games that require you to have internet connection. This may sound stupid because you can’t play the game unless you are connected to the internet. That is why I will leave you with these couple of android games for your own review. You can also check the reviews of the game and be the one to share it with your friends.

For android phones, you can enjoy playing RPG games. Inosia is the best RPG game for androids. It has different characters to choose as your main character. You don’t need to have internet connection since you can play this game all by yourself. However, there is an advantage if you connect to the internet. You can purchase premium items for your weapon and armor through online market. You can also get free offers from different web developers and other games developers in the market. In this game, you will be facing with different challenges and mission. It is an epic game that is packed with different features. You need to play this game a lot if you want to finish it. You can also get some walkthrough tips for the game.

You can also try playing other role playing games which are available in the Google play for free. If you are fond of playing role strategic games then you can try the enchanted realm. It’s a farming game wherein your main objective is to earn money and profit from the goods by getting all the rents for every houses and establishments. You can gain experience as well by completing all the missions. You can also interact with your friends online by connecting in the internet. There are websites wherein you will be updated with the latest formats and missions for your enchanted realm.

You can also play japan’s life of nubee. It’s just like any social city games that allow you to build your own city. Here you can enjoy the soothing sounds plus the cute graphics. Earn more money and experience and compete with your friends online. You can interact and send gifts to your neighbors online.

One of the coolest and recent games I have played is called Green Cloud Runner. It’s fun, great graphics and a fast paced running game. The game is available on android and iphone/ipad. Enjoy! To know details about android games you may visit