Symptoms of Breast Cancer

One of the deadliest diseases found on the planet is cancer. From the ancient times till today, the research is on in finding the proper treatment of Cancer. In its initial stage cancer can be cured. However if cancer is not treated from the very beginning, it grows very rapidly and can be the reason of the death of the victim even. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of mass of cells leading to tumor formation. Determining the cause of cancer is complex, but many things are known to increase the risk of cancer like tobacco use, lack of physical activity, obesity, consuming junk foods and stress. Due to stress, the human body produces a huge amount of ROS or reactive oxygen species which adversely affects cells and cause mutation. This can lead to cancer. There are many sorts of cancers like breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer etc. Some of them are curable if detected in an initial stage and some are not at all. Treatment of Cancer is quite costly and painful as well. This deadly disease takes the life of most of the victims, if they are not really lucky.

In the initial stages of breast cancer there are very few symptoms. Mostly in the initial stage a lump is produced which is very tiny to be felt. Performing a mammogram at this stage can help to detect the disease and to confirm it a number of other tests need to be done. In many cases the initial sign of breast cancer is a mass or new lump in the breast which can be felt by the person or the doctor. In most times the lump is quite painless. If the lump is hard and has uneven edges it can be an indication of cancer. But sometimes they can even be soft, rounded and tender. This is why if anything unusual appears on the breast it is better to visit a doctor. The Symptoms of Breast Cancer include the swelling of the entire breast or part of the breast, breast pain, skin irritation, nipples are turned inward and painful, a small lump near the underarm, nipple discharging substance other than breast milk etc. If it is detected in a n initial stage, it can be cured. Hence the visit to a doctor is always suggested.

In case of colon cancer, it can be exhibited in several ways. Colon cancer symptoms include rectal bleeding which may be hidden and chronic and may show up as iron deficiency anemia, fatigue and pale skin. Sometimes colon cancer can be identified if a fecal occult is done. If the tumor is large enough to block the colon, then the symptoms may be like intense abdominal pains, persistent and unexplained vomiting or nausea, change in character or frequency of stool, weight loss without any cause, even after a bowel movement feeling of incomplete evacuation. Symptoms of Colon cancer can take a long time to appear. Depending upon the location of the tumor in the large bowl the symptoms may vary.