Underarm Pads – Unique and Useful

After an unfortunate accident or a knee surgery, you might be forced to use crutches and this is where one gets into a new set of troubles. The usual maneuverability is out of question making the person dependent on others for daily activities and work. Along with the irritation of sole dependency on others, use of crutches adds the agony of physical pain and other problems due to the non standard accessories. Typical problems that arise due to the use of crutches are:

- Chaffing – Your underarm skin is not designed to survive continuous friction and is prone to give up on you. Underarm tops of crutches are hard and result into bruises, wounds and even lead to boils on underarm skin. This situation demands immediate medical attention as these wounds may become a reason for infection due to exposure to climatic variations.

- Nerve impingement – The continuous use of crutches puts a lot of strain on shoulders, back, and arms. This results into nerve impingement. If timely action is not taken it may result into serious problems in the future.

- Looks that literally kill – Crutches do look non-attractive and boring. You accept it as an inevitable course of life. This also results in social confinement.

- Customization – At times you do not get the best suitable crutches. This normally is observed when you are obese, tall, or short.

Some radical problems of using crutches are de-motivating and may keep you away from socialization. Instead of self-respected person, people may start pitying your temporary handicapped stage. Your ugly crutches may convey a negative message about your state.

A click for a big change:

Sometimes we forget to notice the big picture and get involved in petite things. For trouble-free use of crutches, you can count on grip pads, underarm pads, cushion for crutches, and crutch pads. These tiny yet resourceful buddies have loads of features to simplify all the woes and worries with a solid solution. Now you can use your crutches with more freedom and of course for longer duration without any undesired side effects. The high density foam used in these pads saves you from chaffing and nerve impingement. In addition to this, the right sized crutch pads offer unique grip and comfort while using them.

Several types, colors, styles, and varieties are available and you can select the best underarm pad that suits your style and class. Now, never stay behind and feel deprived, use the right grip pads and get active!

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