Finding Experienced Property Managers Perth

The right property managers Perth can offer years’ worth of experience, investmentknowledge and sound advice to the owner of an investment property. It could be beneficial for the owner to think about exactly what they’re looking for in a property manager before they start the search. Determining their required skills and experience could help to narrow down what could be a large list of potential services. These questions may help in the search for one that’s professional, experienced and skilled at communication.

Can they provide some owner references?

The best people to know about the property manager’s experience and service are usually their previous or current clients. The property manager should have several owner references or testimonials that can be called to provide an unbiased and honest opinion on the company or agent’s performance. Getting in touch with some of these people can tell an owner more than anything about how their experience will be with the property manager, including their strengths and weaknesses.

It could also be useful for buyers to compare these references and their properties to their own. One property management company, for example, may have excellent references but if they are experienced in managing large, exclusive apartment blocks with little experience in managing suburban single dwellings this could lead to further problems later down the track. Some property managers may also have tenant references, and these could be advantageous for owners to get in touch with, too. A good property manager will have good relationships not only with the owner but also with the resident of a property.

How long have they been around, and how much experience do they have?

Experience can be proven in a variety of ways and can apply to both a single applicant and also a company, but if a company has ten years of success behind it, chances are it’s doing something right. It can be worthwhile asking the property manager of their previous experience and time in the industry. Do they own rental properties themselves? How long have they been in the business? What responsibilities have they had in the past? An experienced property manager will often be able to bring advice and thoughts to the table that an owner may not have encountered previously. Again, it can be worth comparing their previous experience to the owner’s property; is their level of experience relevant to the property they could potentially be managing.

A good property manager will also have extensive knowledge of property legislation and regulations to abide by, and be aware of a range of processes such as what should happen if a tenant needs to be evicted.

How is their customer service? Can they be trusted?

One of the most important features of a good property manager in Perth can be the way they treat both the owner and the tenants. Are they easy to get in touch with? Are they available at reasonable hours? Good customer service can make the entire process of property management so much easier and keep all parties happy. They should be able to keep the owner well-informed and aware of any issues or concerns to do with the property, and respond in an effective and timely manner to any concerns raised by the tenants. This requires excellent communication skills, which with any luck will be apparent from the first time the owner gets in touch with a potential applicant for property management. Someone who can talk to a wide range of people from all walks of life may also have good relationships and useful contacts.

Most importantly of all, an owner is about to trust their property to someone who they may barely know. Therefore, a high level of trust is paramount. Owners should be able to trust their property manager to keep them informed, make recommendations about future maintenance or improvement, and sustaining a high level of occupancy in the property. Because the owner of a property could be interstate or even overseas, a high level of trust between the manager and the owner is immensely valuable.

These are just some of the considerations to be aware of when looking for an experienced property manager in Perth. With the right research and questions, an owner should be able to find a property manager with which they’ll have a long and successful relationship, encouraging a high return on their investment.

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