Avail Quality And Performance Oriented Penetrometers From TEST-EQUIP

To determine the strength of the material like soil, cements etc Penetrometer is used. This tool can be found in various types based upon different types of materials, the shape of which being round or cone. This device can be used in various applications such as scientists, space probes and in sports such as cricket. The basic reason of its use is to evaluate the strength, moisture, flexibility etc of various types of materials.

TEST-EQUIP is a world renowned company which deals with its wide range of high quality Penetrometers. They devices are innovatively designed which provide great accuracies. All these devices are highly featured and are very convenient to use. These testers are guaranteed to give out great results while testing the materials or objects of any kind. Some of its outstanding testers include-

>> B056 Kit Dial-This is used to determine the flexibility and density of the bituminous sample under load, time and temperature. It comes with various accessories such as mirror for setting of the needle, transfer dish for support. It is provided with stop and release push button, automatic zero set and a micrometer adjustment.

>> B057 Kit Automatic Dial-The features and specifications are same like B056 except that this automatic dial kit is implemented with magnetic controller device with electronic digital programmable timer and weighs 15 kg.

>> Cone Penetrometer-It is basically used for soil testing. It is mainly based upon the relation between the moisture content and the penetration of the cone into the soil sample. It comes with the specifications like calibrated cursor, automatic zeroing device, release button, micrometric displacement device, penetration test cone and two sample brass cups.

>> Dial Pocket S065-It is a standard size device used for determining the consistency, sheer strength and compression strength of cohesive soils, sands and clay. It is available with a push button for zero setting and weighs only 300 grams.

>> Fruit Penetrometer-It consists of three models depending upon the types of fruit for testing, such as the hardness of apples, pears, strawberries and grapes and many more. It is highly applicable in the areas like fruit companies, fruit farm, fruit research institutions for their ripeness. It is very compatible to be used on site as well as in the laboratories.

All of the above listed penetrometers and more others are highly efficient in terms of performance and accuracy and provide acute results in determining the strength and flexibility of any kind of materials.

Testequip is providing its unmatched products since 1989, thus it holds a broad experience in manufacturing and designing of its innovative products and is the top reputed company in Australia. The company through its great services has developed extensive partnerships worldwide through which it can provide any type of equipment as required by its clients.