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In Toronto, mail is still handled directly and efficiently for business entities by Corporate Mailing Services. Communication through letters can be traced back to ancient Egypt, ancient India, China, and during Roman times.  Historians and writers have relied on old correspondence for their primary sources of information. Throughout history, letters written on paper was the general means of communication between people.  Things have changed from the days of direct mail.  First came the telegraph and wiring services, the fax machine, and now there is paperless communication through the internet and mobile phones.


Communications technology makes it possible to reach a wider range of people in real time without the use of paper.  However posted letters still remain an important means of communication in business to tell people about their products and services, especially in the form of newsletters, brochures and flyers.  In Toronto, direct mail services can reliably be handled by Corporate Mailing Services.


Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, the neighboring Canadian Provinces and the United States have relied on Corporate Mailing services for their direct mail requirements for more than 20 years.  Corporate Mailing services include printing services, direct mailing, mailing list services, letter shop mailing, international mail services and mail house services.  For superior and efficient services related to mail, Toronto and surrounding areas can count on Corporate Mailing Services.


The internet, social media, and email services may have caught the fancy of many business establishments but there have been many negative feedbacks from a lot of people recently due to the enormous amount of spam received through email. Mass emails from businesses therefore, seldom get opened and are automatically sent to the spam folder or get deleted without opening.  People have become wary of keyloggers and viruses sent through email, and many recipients refuse to click on attached flyers and brochures in their email.


Direct mail still remains a most effective way of getting messages across to people.  Recipients automatically open envelopes they receive and if it is a brochure or flyer with attention grabbing graphics, they get to retain the message and keep them in their desk drawers or file cabinets to look at again in the future. Because Corporate Mailing Services work directly with their clients, they can deliver a personalized type of service with printing solutions that address the clients’ marketing goals.


Corporate Mailing Services provide businesses with needs for mass mail. Toronto businesses will find Corporate Mailing Services will address their printing and mailing needs in a speedy, high quality, reliable and efficient manner.  The Toronto direct mail services provided by the company are inexpensive, with more results at lower costs.  It is an inexpensive way to reach the homes of consumers and offer various products and services.


In addition to direct mail and letter services, Corporate Mailing services offer complete data services, inkjet imprinting, inline labeling, catalogue imprinting, automated clip sealing, polybagging, automated postage stamp affixing, packaging and kit assembly, and mechanical inserting.  The team and infrastructure of Corporate Mailing Services will ensure that the needs of Toronto businesses with regards to direct mail are met promptly every time.