Sage Training Course – Empowering Administrators

The admin department is considered as very crucial for the growth of a company. The employees involved in various admin activities are expected to be very smart in every task they do. It is the job done by the admin department that makes the functioning of a company smooth and glitch-free. The potential employees who wish to join the admin department of a reputed firm need to possess sheer admin skills. This is where the name ‘Sage Training’ comes into the picture.

Sage is a software company that provides software solutions to not only individuals but also to the enterprises throughout the world. The sage group is a global firm that serves to more than 6 million people around the world. The UK based MNC is listed in London stock exchange.

Some of the Sage courses have been described in detail below-

Sage ACT!: Sage ACT! Training course empowers the users with the ability to use Sage ACT! software with maximum efficiency. Sage ACT! is a software application that is used to keep the record of customers or clients in a single database which can be shared by several users. The software has two versions Sage ACT! Pro and Sage ACT! Premium. The difference lies between the number of users who share the database. In pro version a maximum of 10 users can share the data where as in premium version the number of user exceeds to 30. One thing that is common in both of these versions is that they both make use of MS Word, Excel, outlook and other popular applications in order to keep track of the flow of communication.

Sage book keeping: This course focuses on providing knowledge of day-to-day financial transactions done through computers in a company. The course doesn’t provide information only on the usage of software rather it imparts knowledge beyond that. This course imparts knowledge of various other concepts and calculations related to finance. This department itself is very crucial for a company and hence the users pursuing this course get very exciting job offers from reputed firms.

Sage Payroll Training: This particular sage Online course is in great demand these days. The course focuses on imparting knowledge of using the software with maximum proficiency. Payroll keeps record of all the financial transactions of the employee with the company. This includes the salary, wages, bonus, deduction, allowances, etc.

There are several other Sage courses that are very widely used all over the world. There are basically three different ways in which any sage training can be pursued. These are online training, classroom training and passport based training. One can pursue a sage course through any of these methods. The traditional classroom training has a teacher/mentor who educates a bunch of students in a class and there is nothing much to describe about it. However, the online training is relatively a new concept. Students learn from home through this mode. Sage training packages are availed by student at very low prices and then pursued from home with the help of a computer and internet. The passport system provides demo sessions. If one has doubts about the course content or its layout, he/she can pursue passport training which is limited to few classes and later he/she can make up the mind whether or not to pursue the course.