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When I started this job, I was 180 pounds and as curvy and cute as they get. At 5 foot 8, I was a little tall for a girl, but I looked adorable anyway. I enjoyed every second of it, because on an airplane, the only place to look is forward, and who gets to be the one who they see? Me, and I enjoyed putting smiles on some of the single business men\'s faces you get when we take the flight to and from New York City, New York, the hordes of wonderfully nice old people who all smile my way when we fly down to Orlando, Florida, and I always loved putting smiles on the faces of the tired parents flying out to Los Angeles, California. Without HCG Diet Doctors, I was going to lose all of this.

Over the years of flying all over the country and world, I had unfortunately not been eating as healthy as I should, and my youthful metabolism started giving to the airport food I had to sustain myself on. It got to the point where my boss told me to take a month off of work as \"vacation time\" and figure out a way to slim down or I would not be able to stay with the company. I loved my job, but I just did not have the energy for it anymore, and I was getting too big for the aisles on the bigger planes, let alone the small ones. I had stopped going on those long before. I started looking for diets that would help me lose a noticeable amount of weight in 30 days, and I was lucky enough that one of my co-workers told me about this wonderful new diet based on HCG Diet Recipes. She said that she had seen some of her friends lose 50 pounds or more on it, so why should I not try it?

Long story short, I did! It worked better than I ever would have expected, transforming me back into the youthful cutie I remembered seeing in the mirror what seemed like so long ago. I lost enough weight in twenty days that when I showed up at work after my vacation, I was over 50 pounds less than I was when I left and four dress sizes or more smaller than I was. I had to get out my old uniforms to wear! Due to the annoying nature of our jobs, When I got back on the plane and working again, I was prepared for some hard work to keep the weight off, but I was pleasantly surprised when all I had to do was stay under my 700 calorie limit while I was on the diet, and when it finished, I was even still losing weight after eating the normal way again. Even then, the diet had helped get so much more energy that I started making healthier things to eat and bringing them with me, helping me lose weight fast even more! Without HCG Weight Loss Injections, I probably would not have my job, let alone the figure I have, now. For that, I suggest anyone who has the same problem, try this. You will be pleasantly surprised.

As a flight attendant, many times all that a passenger needs to appreciate their journey is a friendly smile and a cute figure. With hcg weight loss injections, I lost enough weight to be considered cute again, instead of gargantuan.