Top Five Tipsfor Avoiding Fed Office Supply Scams

Businesses, charitable, fraternal organizations, and churches are losing millions of dollars to fake office supply firms. Any group short of sufficient buying controls can become a sufferer of an office supply scam. Federal recommends a few simple steps to save guard groups from paying for services and goods that they did not order, from toner, and labels to toilet papers and light bulbs.

You should follow these instructions, ensuring that you and your staff do not become a victim to costly office supplies. Make use of these tips and also inform your staff to avoid any future problems.It’s a countrywide issue affecting businesses. You, as a businessman or dealer, should be careful in making dealings with telemarketers and follow and implement only good buying control practices.

Before You Choose a Supplier

Check for the reputation of the retailer to ensure that you are dealing with an established company. Before placing an order for your office goods such as storage for home offices, ensure that the retailer offers free delivery. There are many of them that offer free shipping. Check out the catalog beforehand and make sure that all the office supplies you need are available at a single place so that you don’t have to search for another retailer to avail the goods not available at one place. To know more in details check out

Know your Rights

If you get bills or supplies for the products you did not order, do not pay, while not returning back the unordered goods. It is totally against the law for a retailer to send you bills or notices for products that you haven’t ordered. Likewise, it’s illegal to ask you to return the goods, though the merchant provides to pay the shipping costs. Moreover, if you receive products, which are different from your order in quantity, quality, size, type, and brand, without seeking your approvals, you can consider the item as unordered product. Simultaneously, you should think of the probability that the seller has made an honest mistake.

Assign Chosen Buyers

Choose certain workers as buyers; for every order, the chosen buyer should give a buying order to the supplier, which has a unique order number and authorized signature. The buying order can be in both forms- written and electronic. The form or application should ask the dealer (supplier) to put the order number and bill of delivery. The designated buyer should send a copy of every order to the accounts departments for security purpose.

Checking all Documentation

When the dealer arrives, the receiving staff should ensure that the product matches the order of purchase and shippers’ bill of landing. Do not forget to check the quantity or brand of Office Supplies for Federal Buyers and if it fails to match up with your order, you can refuse that merchandise right on the spot. Do not pay any merchant unless the invoice has the exact buying order number and the details outside matches your order and bill of landing.

Report Fraud

If you notice that you’ve been cheated, do not hesitate to report it to the local consumer protection bureau and your state’s attorney general. Report office supply scams, in case telemarketers are misguiding any details about their offerings.

Also make it a point to share your experience with other firms to help them avoid facing such similar problems.