Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets Give Comfortable Wireless Connections

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets are some of the market leaders in providing high quality, high comfort headsets for wireless applications. The main market that is provided for is the office market and so the headsets that are designed are done so with someone who has to wear the device for several hours at a time in mind.


There are several different headsets that are available. Some of these are purely Bluetooth devices that are used to communicate over a VOIP service. This is carried out by using a dongle that is plugged into the computer that is being used by the operator and that dongle is then paired with the headset in use. This is the most basic setup possible. There are also headsets that can be used to monitor several phone lines of differing types. These headsets are capable of supporting both Bluetooth and DECT protocols. This means that VOIP services can be used, and also mobile phones and landlines can also be used as well through the same headset.


Both Bluetooth and DECT are digital communication technologies and so lend themselves to Digital Encryption. This is the method that is used in order to ensure that the signal between the base station and the headset is encrypted. This means that the base station will only communicate with one headset and there will be no way that the signal can be picked up accidentally by another device. It also means that only one device can pick up each incoming call and they cannot accidentally be picked up by someone else.


In order to ensure the quality of calling experience Plantronics also utilise noise cancelling technology in their headsets. This noise cancelling technology can be at several different levels and is the major contributor to the cost of headsets. Cheap headsets will feature some noise cancelling technology, but it will not be as effective as that found in more expensive headsets. This type of technology can be important when working in a busy office environment where there may be a large amount of background noise that may distract from the content of the phone call and the actions that are being carried out in the office. This technology is applied to both single ear and binaural headsets equally.


There are several different designs of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets that are available. There are the more traditionally styled over the head headsets. These can feature either one or two earpieces and are of the over ear design. This means that there is nothing protruding into the ear itself and the headphone is cushioned so that it can be worn comfortably for long amounts of time. These headphones also have the most effective noise cancelling technology due to their physical design and the amount of space and processing power that is available within the headset. There are also very small devices that are available that sit over the ear for less cumbersome headsets. These can be very useful for those who need to have quick access to their phone, but are not on it long enough to desire a larger headset.