Bathroom remodeling trends increasing value of homes

Bathrooms are now becoming a focal point in home renovations increasing the value of your home. An improvement that actually gives you a return on your investment. The trend in bathroom remodeling is to create an open relaxing environment with plenty of natural light. "Bathrooms are now being seen as the place to go and relax after a long day, a place to unwind, with larger showers, steam rooms, Jacuzzi tubs, electronic components and a private toilet area", says Erik Kopp with Stark Development.

The new trends in bathroom remodeling are larger showers, more lighting, steam baths, Jacuzzi tubs, electronic components, creating more storage areas, double vanities, grab bars, outlets hidden in medicine cabinets, heated floors, on demand water heaters, and larger fans to remove the moisture. Popular flooring and shower walls continue to be tile, marble, natural stone and glass tile.

Large open showers are the trend. Gone are the old small bathtubs. The new shower hardware provides for unique and artistic features. The shower heads provide different water patterns to please consumer's particular tastes. Lots of lighting is the new trend, gone are the dark dreary bathrooms, new windows and skylights are often cut into to provide for more natural light. Glass tile borders are becoming more popular.

Bathtubs are still around but often replaced with a Jacuzzi tub. Large boxed in framing around the tub is trending out as sleeker designs are preferred. Jacuzzi tubs have become much quieter as improvements have been made to the motors. It is important when choosing a design to have easy access for repairs and replacement of the electronic equipment that is required for the Jacuzzi tub. Jacuzzi tubs should also be installed to a GFCI circuit. If room is available the tubs are often constructed adjacent to the shower enclosure.

Steam rooms are becoming more popular, with an airtight enclosure, modifications to the ceiling and a few motors a shower/steam room is possible. There is nothing like relaxing in a steam room after a long day to help relieve the stress. Steam rooms generally take a while to heat up but can be programmed to turn on at a certain time. Popular surfaces include tile and marble.

Ventilation is essential in a shower allowing for the removal of moisture. Without proper ventilation your beautiful bathroom can develop mold issues requiring expensive repairs. The new fans on the market are quiet and move air at rapid rates. It is important to have the air vented to the outside. Some people choose to have the fans tied directly to the light switch to be sure that the fan is used in the bathroom at all times.

The new trend is to hide the toilet, creating an inconspicuous place for the toilet. They are often placed in enclosed rooms that are blended into the design of the bathroom. With the new toilet designs the toilet has become more attractive. The older style low flow toilets were often ineffective, with the new designs many of these issues have been resolved. Separate fans for the toilet area are installed if a separate room is created for the toilet.

We are now seeing more bathrooms with more electronic equipment, from TV's to high end stereo systems and Wi-Fi. Consumers like to catch up on their favorite shows while relaxing in there Jacuzzi tubs. The bathroom has now become more entertaining. Access lighting is also part of this trend.

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Medicine cabinets and vanities often have the outlet installed in them to hide the clutter that is often seen with multiple cords hanging around. Medicine cabinets can be anywhere from a simple design to ornate designs even some with hidden openings. Dual vanities are common giving each person their own private area. The sinks are becoming more streamlined and architecturally appealing. Some flowing like fountains, others a separate feature with elaborate legs. Multiple small drawers are common as it makes finding your products much easier. Separate areas are made for toiletries, hair products, and grooming supplies.

As the baby boomers are getting older grab bars have become more of a trend. Let's face it sometimes it can be difficult getting into or out of a bathtub. If there is something to grab onto it becomes much easier. The design of the grab bars have become much more appealing and can often be blended into the design.

Heated floors are nice on a cold winter morning. We are seeing a trend towards heated bathroom floors. There is a separate thermostat to control the floor heating which also can be programmed to come on at a certain time. These are energy efficient heating systems.
Linoleum is out; the new trend is porcelain tile and stone. These materials come in a variety of colors and can add a great deal of design to the bathroom. The cost of these materials has come down considerably and the choices are endless. Borders are very popular and mixing materials is common. Glass tile is also gaining in popularity as a main tile or as trim pieces. Always be sure to order more in case a tile is broken or chipped, suppliers often change lines every 5 years making it very difficult to find a matching replacement.
There is a great value in remodeling your bathroom, it will increase the value of your home and it is one of the improvements that will net you more than the cost of the improvement. If you are selling your house it is important to stay with neutral tones to be appealing to multiple buyers.

As you can see bathrooms have evolved into a focal point in home design. Much more thought and consideration are now given to the design of the bathroom. These rooms are now created for comfort and a relaxation. With the new products on the market they have also become much more efficient and less reliant on energy resources. With the increased value a bathroom remodel adds, now is an excellent time to consider a remodel of your existing bathroom.