How to Select a Car Dealership Using Online Reviews

With all the car ads on TV, in the paper and online it’s no wonder people have a hard time deciding which dealer would be right for them. If one lives in the Dallas area, there are some Ford dealerships that may be worth a look. Online reviews offer ways to compare these and other dealerships, such as ones in Lancaster, DeSoto, Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas. Whether one lives in Texas or elsewhere, it can pay to know where to look for car dealership online reviews.

Many people think that online reviews can’t help them select a car dealer. Some of their objections are valid. There are reviews that may at first appear highly negative. They instead are posts from a vocal few, and don’t represent the majority of experiences with a dealer. Often if a dealer receives a negative online review, it may not have engaged the complainant on the web, so people may not discover how the dispute was resolved. A common practice is for companies to ask the complainant to contact them offline for problem resolution. If a few vocal people place some poor reviews on Rip-Off Report or some of the other consumer forums, these can remain in online search results for long periods of time. A good practice is to weigh reviews from various review sites before making a decision.

Social media can assist with analyzing the reputation of car dealers. People like to talk about their experiences and they use Twitter and Facebook and other social networks to discuss where they bought their cars. Pinterest is a good place to look up car dealerships and what they have to offer. Coupons for service, auto sales fliers, newsletters and giveaways are just some of the auto dealership related items one can find on Pinterest. Reviewing these items can help one get a feel for the dealerships, and can offer people some ideas for discussion there and on other social forums.

Some of the most common places to find car dealership reviews are specialized sites set up for this purpose. and DealerRater each have large dedicated local car dealership ratings forums. Registering on some of these sites allows people to save their searches so they can keep their lists of ratings handy. Yelp is another site that can make it easy for people to drill down by their local area and find car dealership reviews.

Finding a reliable car dealer can be difficult. While the Internet is full of review resources, these can be most beneficial if compared and weighed carefully. Not all negative reviews are true, so it pays to read a number of reviews from several sources. Some dealerships may have no or few online reviews. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a poor dealership. It could be that either the dealer hasn’t encouraged people to create reviews or that the dealer may be a small or new company and there aren’t many reviews posted online yet. At the end of the day car buyers should avail themselves of multiple online resources to make wise car dealership choices.

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