Time factor in Project Communications Management

Project Communications Management is an integral part of project management. Effective communication delivers desired results as it influences maximum in project management. It helps decide on the status of the project management. This reveals as to whether the process and structure of the project is as per the planning stage. Any deviation in the process will not make the project produce the desired result. This means there has been a communication error at some stage of the project implementation process. This will hamper the further proceedings of the processes and eventually the end product. Effective communications does not depend solely on two departments finishing their duty as per the instructions but it also depends on time factor. For instance, it won’t yield any benefit if the assembly unit implements as per the guidelines given by the designing team but due to some reason have taken extra time in completing the entire batch. That means the designing team has not communicated the timeline within which it has to be completed. As a result, the product will not be delivered to the customer at the estimated time.

Communicating the message at the right time

The project manager must communicate to the concerned stake holders at the right time. So that they will be well equipped in handling their tasks and complete them as per schedule. Any bad timing in communication won’t yield the right result even if the processes and the quality are matching up with the expectations. Why? Because the need for the product has either been expired or not required at the moment.

For instance, a project manager should not ask his team members to start the production until he has got the contract sealed from the client in producing a certain quantity of the product. Otherwise it will be futile effort as there will be no takers. The client knows the timing for which they require the product. Similarly, if the product is produced late than he would stand a chance of losing the contract.

Everyone should be aware of the status of the project

All the stakeholders in the project work should be aware of the status of the project. In a project work there are multiple divisions which are dependent on other department. When a given task is completed by a department, it should be communicated to their immediate department and subsequently to other departments. So that each of them are aware as to when their task will come to finish other aspects of the project work.

Helps in keeping them appraised of their job

Communication is indispensible in holding everyone accountable for their ongoing performance during the project work. This prevents any deviation that is taking place in every process so that the result of the project completion is as per the mandate of the customer.

Reviewing the project work

The task of a project manager doesn’t get over at the completion of the project. From business sense it is essential for the board and other stakeholders to review the entire process. They should look at the performance of each professional and review whether the results were achieved. They should also communicate to all the stakeholders the way they can improve their job performance for the upcoming project works. Scrum Certification is one of the project management courses which helps project managers to drive the projects in a structured way.

In conclusion, communications in project management is inevitable in keeping all the people concerned about the need, what to do, current status and improvement required for the project work. The result will not be according to expectations if some of them are unaware of its existence or what task is assigned to them.