The Popular Trends in Interior Decoration

2013 has saw developments in every sector. The interior decoration projects have also some fascinating upcoming trends. Most home builders of Eyre has anticipated this trend and offered luxurious homes that would adopt the trends. Since a home is a sanctuary for most, it is a place where we unwind and relax. The homes are decorated and furnished ensuring the comfort. Each property has its distinguished benefits, and homes built in and around Penfield address this. Gone are the days when homes would mean bricks, walls, doors and windows. They each have an individual personality that invokes a sense of homeliness, calmness and love.

Each subtle change in the society has severe collateral effects on some aspects of our lives. While men have been often considered outdoorsy, today, we see the men spending equal time and responsibility at home. The proclaimed men-women equality has also influenced the interior design. This has been reflected on, and there has been removal of the clichéd feminine approach to a more different and masculine perspective. Now, there are sober furniture, subtle colors and increased functionality. There has been a reduction in cuteness, and each attribute reflects the masculinity. If processed aesthetically, this interior design trend has been well received even at an AV Jennings homes. The next most common trend seen in homes is the Do-It-yourself projects. Leveraging the interior decorative ideas, redecorating the furnishings is a complete new project. Creativity has taken a keen experience and participation in its formation has already been taken as an initiative.

Today, interior furnishings of luxury homes have ceased to be only functional. The people of the homes pay attention to feel of the objects being used inside. This extends even to the floorings. Each texture of the object has the ability to provoke certain feelings, like warmth, happiness and comfort. The idea is to create a connection with the ambience of the home, which would promote establishment of a relationship. The two most important materials that have gained importance are suede and wood. Both the materials can impart an old world charm and a contemporary look simultaneously. The texture of an object would also be a key factor in arranging the place.

The next trend that is evident in most AV Jennings homes are the use of furniture and color that would produce an effect of a bigger space. There has been increase in number of small houses. Each of the homes need interiors that would make the space appears bigger. This is achieved by the careful coordination of color, furniture and furnishings. The synchronization between each element ensures to produce a spaced out effect. This has been achieved with careful planning and evaluation. For example painting stripes on the wall of the hallway ensures to provide a bigger appearance. Other than this, there has been an increased use of patterns on the walls. These add a distinct personality to the walls.

Other than this, there has been a trend to use subtle furnishings that would redefine the rooms. Each room follows certain color coordination. Each of the colors chosen is based on feng shui and other harmonic and holistic approaches. It is ensured that each of the property exudes a sense that soothes.  Prior to this year, contrasting colors were not used. Some of the master planned communities are also colored in bright hues. They may appear shocking to some, to others it may simply be more youthful.

The homes are integral part of our lives. We design it our own way to ensure that they reflect our lifestyle.

Author Bio:

Steven Brown thinks that each home has their distinct personality. It is duty of the interior designers to bring out this individualism. The AV Jennings homes are luxurious homes that can be decorated according to the requirements of the user.