Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pool technology has been reached its peak over a period of decade with automated cleaning and sanitation systems that shrink the purpose of maintenance manually. Even though the pool is well built and properly maintained swimming pool corrosion is unavoidable over a period of time. Prevent your health from direct health hazards by doing water filtration at proper gap. Pool renovation is carried by certain owner to provide the swimming pool a brand new appearance. Pool reconstruction or pool remodeling is done to remodel the old swimming pools.

Some owners resurface the pool with latest resurfacing materials like fiberglass, pebble, quartz, marble and tiles as these materials are long lasting with compared with the traditional plaster surfacing. Swimming pool service companies render their service in various places including builders and developers, schools, colleges, municipal corporations, resorts, hotels, farm houses, housing societies and bungalow plots.

When your swimming pool after all these alternation starts leaking means you will be very much worried. Even if the leak hole size is of a pencil tip will lead to loss of hundreds of gallons of water per day. Replacing the water all the time is costlier and the swimming loses its chemical balance. Continuous leakage in the pools may leads to serious structural and mechanical problems. This problem can be solved easily if the pool leak is detected earlier. Common method in pool leak detection is that the water level is dropping faster than the normal loss of evaporation process. Big leaks are obvious to determine but the smaller leaks are the challenging ones as the water dropping will be very slow and you may be confused in detecting whether the your swimming is leaking or not. The chemical level in the pools become unbalanced due to the water loss and more algal growth are found due to the entry of new untreated water in the swimming pools.

There are various methods in determining the pool leak detection by the experts in the swimming pool companies. Bucket test and meter test are the two major pool leak detection techniques. Preparing the swimming pool is most important aspects for carrying out the professional pool leak detection. Water in the pools must be dust free because the small leakage below one inches in diameter size cannot be detected by the craftsmen’s as the dirt will the covering the leak. Dust in the pool water must be cleaned by doing vacuum or brushed way neatly for detecting leakage. Certain pool waters will be green in color due to algal content, fungus, molds or larvae formation and these makes even more difficult in pool leak detection.

Some reason for the swimming leak:

  • Cracks in the pool
  • Equipments losing their prime
  • Swimming pools having air in the system
  • When soggy spots are seen around the pool
  • Pool deck is lifting or sinking
  • Evaporation is more in pools than regular level
  • Adding more water than once a week to the swimming pools

“Aqua King Pools” are here to solve all your minor and major pool leak detection problems. We have our own trained professionals to fix the problem and your swimming pool will be leak free as early as possible after our service.