While Holidaying In The Rains…

Even while the doors to paradise are ever open, travelers may face certain perils when they decide to explore Kerala in the rains. The heavenly, dusty fragrance of the soil during the first rain, fresh and green gleam of countryside, the glisten of the rain-fed lakes, creeks and rivers, drizzly evenings, the rain washed sky, the raindrop-laden trees and undergrowths; the showers of Kerala have much to offer to tired minds with Monsoon Kerala tours travel.

However the monsoons of Kerala bring with it many perils for travelers and it would be prudent to be aware of them beforehand as well as brace oneself for such situations. The torrential rainfall can last for hours or days flooding up the roads, blocking the routes and messing up your travel plan.

The condition of roadways deteriorates rapidly during rains with potholes, puddles and water logging. It is recommended to stay off the roads during heavy thunderstorms due to high risk of accidents.

While vacationing on the hill stations of Kerala, heavy fog during rains can make your journey go haywire. The beautiful beaches of Kerala are battered by heavy downpour and thunderstorms which make them inaccessible and unsafe. The backwaters are rough during heavy rains and it’s an off season for cruises.

Yet, disregarding all these risks, nature lovers and health travelers do visit god’s own country at its roughest for reviving Ayurveda retreats and discover the fresh appealing natural beauty. Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is another luring factor for vacationers who travel by the close of the monsoons to join in the revelry.

The enchanting forests, gently-sloping green highlands, charismatic beaches, quaint countryside, graceful waterways, vivid and vibrant culture, multihued festivals, ethnic flavours… describing the reason of Kerala being a scenic paradise churns out an eternal list. Kerala, the citadel of the gods, showcases its rustic charm and chaste beauty which attracts numerous travelers from all over the globe.

Even the monsoons are no lean period for tourism in Kerala with the delight of greeting the first showers, exploring the blooming nature, undergoing special Ayurveda sessions and finally bidding farewell to the rains with vibrant Onam festivities.

With the onset of monsoons, Ayurveda tourism catches fervor as rainy season is considered to be the crucial time for healing and rejuvenating the body. Ayurveda Kerala holiday tours offer ayurvedic therapies and medications at Ayurveda resorts and retreat centres set in picturesque locales. Time-honored therapies and medications are administered to cleanse the accumulated body toxins and help the body to cure itself. The monsoons are also the time when diseases are on rampage and pre-existing ailments aggravate. Ayurveda holidays help medical tourists acquire better health and immunity for long-term wellbeing.

Along with healthcare, Ayurveda vacationers can explore the striking environs; relish the exotic culinary, set off on a sightseeing spree, embark on a luxury backwater cruise and indulge in the grandiose celebration of Onam if you are luckily holidaying during the time of the festivities. The spirit of Onam is reflected in the grand Snake boat races, flamboyant costumes and elaborate make up of Pulikali, the graceful dance form of Kaikottikali, and intricate floral carpet or Pookkalams and the ever satisfying traditional banquet or Sadhya..