Amul butter and cheese online

Amul is the leading producer of various milk products founded in anand locality in the state of Gujarat, India. Amul Company was founded in the year 1946 by producing variety of milk products. The company produces variety of products which include mainly butter, cheese, amul milk, milk powders, methai range, mithai mate, chocolates prepared by pure milk etc. As we know milk products such as ice cream is liked by children, young, middle age and old. Over 60 years the company have good name in the market by its brand name attracted by customers all over the India.
Amul butter it is used to prepare variety of food items such as biscuits, cakes, breads. Amul have first given the taste of butter milk to the Indian customers as well as to world wide customers and the price of butter milk is Rs 8 for 200ml, Rs 15 for 500ml and Rs 30 for 1ltr. Amul Butter can be used on, roti, sand witches, nans, and bread. The amul butter can be used to cook cookies popularly known as butter cookies. The amul butter is used to increase the sweetness on spicy foods like dals, soups, pav bhaji, and soups. This butter product of amul is used to cook the spicy non vegetarian food items like chicken, mutton, eggs etc. The butter product contains vitamin A and company collects pure butter and kept in fresh containers to give the best quality to the customers to keep their brand value alive. The price of amul pasteurized butter is Rs 30 for 100 gm and Rs 153 for 500gm.

Amul cheese contains various cheese products such as amul emmental cheese, amul processed cheese, amul Gouda cheese. Above various amul cheese products are made of pure buffalo milk with common salt and other purity items. Amul cheese products are perfectly packed with cheese tins, cheese slices, cheese packs and these packing can be done by experienced labor.

Amul cheese products can be used in various food items which include in garnishing food items, paneer, spicy food items, biscuits, delicious cakes etc. According to doctor advice the children, young and old should take cheese items to get nutrition to keep good health. The price of the cheese products are Rs 52 for 100 gm, Rs 95 for 200gm and Rs 262 for 750 gm.
The company decided to keep products in online grocery shopping India as well as all around the world. These amul cheese products and amul butter products are prepared before the deadlines without wastage. They are kept in the clean containers with heaving packing of tins or large cover packages and also kept in cool places. The customers can buy these products in online grocery as they are very quality and prepared and company keep them in a good place according to the international standards.