Accountants and CPAs Expand their Business with Direct Mail Marketing

 When you are a CPA in order to stay profitable there will need to be lots of clients. Instead of spending a lot of money with marketing campaigns you can use direct mail marketing. There are mailing lists available that can be purchased that are in the market you need to target. These lists provide information about each person so you can easily mail them information. Talk about a simple way of acquiring more clients.

If you are the type of CPA that would prefer to have more businesses as clients then think about the criteria that is being sought after. The criteria could be how many employees are there, how close the business is, and if there are a lot of sales. You can even narrow it down a little more by targeting the zip codes that are around your business. Once the criteria are in place then you are ready to purchase a mailing list. This is the first part of direct mail marketing.

When the list is in your hands you will have addresses for companies that could soon become clients. By utilizing direct mail services the expense for advertising has literally cut down to little of nothing. Think about how much it costs to run ads on the television, take an ad out in the local paper, or just have an ad on the radio. The costs are through the roof and even after spending all that money there is no guarantee there will be new clients. By concentrating on just a certain group of people and narrowing things down it helps to locate potential clients quicker.

Before dropping the envelopes off to direct mail Los Angeles there are some very important items that need done. These things will help with better chances of the envelope has a better chance of being opened. Always use a professional letterhead and professional looking envelopes. No matter how tempting it is to save money these are not the spots to be cheap. You only have one chance of a business opening the letter so make everything count. When dropping the envelopes off at direct mail Los Angeles make sure they understand each envelope needs a peel and stick stamp or they need to run them through a meter for postage paid. These simple things will draw attention to the envelope.

The first hurdle is cleared when the envelope is actually opened. Now you have to worry about if they will actually read the letter. Never write something long like you are on a campaign trying to sell your services while impressing them. Write something short and get to the point immediately. If the letter is long the chances are high it will be resting in the trash. When the business owner wants to know more information they will place a call and arrange a meeting with you. When you meet face to face is when you can start selling yourself to the client. Direct mail services can just about do anything you need them to.

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