Real estate transactions influenced by the health care industry

A majority of the hospitals and health centers are a class apart in the UAE.  When much emphasis was being given to human resource development, the maintenance of high health standards in the society was also given much importance because of the realization that only a healthy society can create more wealth.  Even though the entire gulf region is home to diverse geographic and topographic variations, the climatic conditions also have wide variations.  Literally speaking, this wide climatic extremes being witnessed in the Middle East can cause many health problems.

The modern lifestyle which has taken over an entire society by storm is seen to cause scores of lifestyle diseases.  However, through proper health education things could be reversed from getting out of hand.  In tune with global advances in medical infrastructure and treatment practices, the UAE government through its comprehensive health policy has given much importance to the development of world class infrastructure in hospitals and other health clinics.

The concept of health tourism is attracting many high profile visitors from the gulf region and also from overseas destinations.  To set up a hospital, the prominent places in a city are mostly preferred.  For the owner of a
property sale
proceedings will be on a higher side, if a prominent hospital is going to come up in the vicinity of his property.  While in earlier times, the government sector was seen to dominate every area of health care, as of now the private sector has spread its influence in this sun rise sector.  Not only that, in the immediate vicinity of a hospital, there is much demand for living spaces from doctors and other medical experts from overseas destinations.

The educational institutions in the UAE are a class apart with respect to the amenities, infrastructure and the curriculum on offer. A total revamp of the educational institutions has taken place recently especially due to the stark realization that to stay afloat and to make a mark in the cut throat global business arena the academic sector needs to be strengthened. Nations in which the illiteracy and the total absence of adequate educational facilities have led to low education standards, a sizable section of the population are getting sidelined due to the fact that they are not employable. The UAE national government has earmarked substantial sums of money for creating the necessary infrastructure to ensure proper human resource development.

Scores of tie-ups have been negotiated with universities and other educational institutions from almost all parts of the world. Thus you can find curriculums from almost all prominent universities and schools that are popular in almost all the advanced countries in the UAE. A student is now spoilt for choice and there are schools that offer the best from all the schooling systems that are popular around the world.

Due to the renewed emphasis on education, the national government does not mind hiring academicians from advanced countries at a higher salary. Thus, there is a significant presence of overseas professionals in the education sector. A property for sale and that too in the vicinity of a prominent educational institution used to fetch a higher price if it is properly listed in a property portal or advertised through the mass media since most often the migrant population used to prefer a place of residence very near to their place of work, educational institutions and other amenities.