Planning for a love tour, a casual trip or a visit to Manali

If you are wondering, what would be the best place to spend your honeymoon in India then there are a lot of options you can opt for. Being a country of varied geographical nature, there is some destination in India that has been widely considered as a haven for honeymooners. Be it relaxing with your loved one on a pristine sea beach or a romantic trip to a hill station or even spending a luxurious honeymoon in a palatial resort, you will definitely find lot of option to check out for.

Best Honeymoon Places

A honeymoon destination usually depends upon the choice of a honeymooner. And when you have a plethora of options you can always plan beforehand to select the best place for your memorable time. Some of the best honeymoon places in India which deserves special mention are Lakshadweep Island, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Goa, Kovalam, Ootacamund, Jodhpur, Shimla and Manali. However in order to find out more upon the best honeymoon places, you can further check out with the travel agents as they had packaged honeymoon plan to offer which are ideally suited for a newlywed couple.

Trip Package

Booking a Trip Package beforehand has two major advantages. First, you don’t need to worry about your lodging; second, there is nothing to worry about fixing your itineraries and thirdly, they are cheaper at times compared to an independent travel. A holiday Trip Package covers all the basic areas for a hassle free fun-filled travel and travellers from any part of the world can bank this offer. However please be sure to check with all the available plans with the tour operator while finalizing your booking for a journey.

Manali Package

One of the most sought after hill station in India, Manali, is a famous tourist spot attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. Manali is a small town situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is famous for its scenic beauty and is considered as an ideal holiday spot for any enthusiastic travellers.

Manali is also regarded as the Queen of Valleys. The name Manali has been derived from the legendary myth of Manu. May through October is the best time to visit Manali barring the rainy season in the month of July and August which sometime leads to landslide causing road blockage. And if you are planning to enjoy a cold holiday then it is advisable to visit in the months of November to February. Manali is an ideal tourist spot for a nature lover. The Himalayan range and the Great Himalayan National Forest have created an impressionistic view of the place and leave a colourful memory to cherish for. With the influx of tourist, Manali offers wide range of tourist accommodation. Moreover the travel agents offer various Manali Package worth to check out for.

A Manali Package is worth for a new visitor or those looking for a composite plan to enjoy the natures offering. Local tour operators also provide small tour package especially suited for sight-seeing.