Honeymoon Tips, a Budget Honeymoon or a Honeymoon in Darjeeling

A honeymoon starts with a lot of vibrant energy to mark a memorable journey after marriage. Nobody would like to spoil their first loving trip, and that’s why it is necessary to keep the following Honeymoon Ideas in your checklist:

1. Luggage: It is better to keep your luggage lighter for its convenience during travel and if you travel by flight, then there is restriction on luggage and you may end up paying for extra load.

2. Credit Card / ATM: Check the feasibility of using credit card where you travel and availability of ATM.

3. Mobile Access: It is better to stay within a mobile coverage, in case of any major emergencies or even getting in touch with your family member or friends. If you reach a location with no network at all, then ask the local people or your guide for a convenient spot having network coverage.

4. Culture: If you have planned for your honeymoon to a foreign land, it is better to get a bit acquainted with their lifestyle and their culture, as that helps interaction with the local people.

5. Health: Do not forget to carry your daily medicines and some first aid in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

6. Paperwork: An International travel involves visa processing and paperwork for a safe transit. Do remember to carry your identity documents which are essential during immigration to a foreign land.

Following these Honeymoon Ideas and Tips may help you for a pleasurable journey.

Budget Honeymoon

If you are planning for a Budget Honeymoon trip, then you should decide your finance beforehand. In fact it is better to prepare a budget plan as that helps in the planning. Alternatively you can also check Budget Honeymoon package as there are a handful of options offered by the travel operators.

Darjeeling Honeymoon Package

Darjeeling is one of the most famous hill stations in India, once a summer retreat for the British Raj. It is situated to the northern part of West Bengal State. The most vital attraction of Darjeeling is Mt. Kanchenjunga – the third highest mountain of the world with an altitude of 28,169 ft. and the highest in India, visible clearly on a bright sunny day. Darjeeling is also renowned for its tea production as the Black Tea is recognised internationally for its rich aroma and flavour.

The sunrise view over the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga or a British breakfast at Keventers or even a sip of hot chocolate at Glenary’s, overlooking the lofty peak standing bright and tall will surely add delight to your first romantic trip. Darjeeling is also famous for its toy train services and is considered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

With the rise of honeymooners and travellers, Darjeeling offers plenty of accommodation and travel facilities. If you are planning for a honeymoon trip, you can also check the Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages available in various plans. Booking Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages will let you travel freely, since the entire responsibility of your journey goes to your tour operator.