Why India Has Emerged as a Hub for Offshore Data Entry Services

India has been a hub for offshore data entry services and there is a reason behind this. It all started when the world was worried about the impending problem that the Y2K could pose. So businesses and other organizations that depended on IT started getting programs re-written to avoid any glitches that the Y2K could cause. However, it soon became clear that the in-house resources of these organizations would not be able to convert data or get the programs re-written on time. So organizations began outsourcing the work.

Initially outsourcing was considered to be a temporary solution to make up for the lack of skilled IT professionals that the organizations needed. However, once businesses realized that they could cut operational costs significantly by outsourcing, it became the norm. Of course, India was on top of the list due to the sheer number of educated and skilled professionals and this gave organizations peace of mind that by outsourcing to India, there would never be dearth of skilled labor. And, the trend continued with other IT-related services.

The other reasons that have made India into a data entry hub include the following:

Cost Effectiveness: When companies outsource data entry to India, they can save money on their operating costs. This is primarily because India has many highly skilled professionals, who can provide data entry services in a cost-effective manner.  So not only can businesses cut their costs, they can also tap on the skills of these professionals and see an increase in their productivity.

Well-trained Workforce: India can offer well-trained workforce that can speak and understand English fluently. This makes it easy for organizations to get their message across and get work done as per their requirements. Furthermore, in India a lot of emphasis is given to math and technology in schools, so the educated people leaving schools are better equipped to pursue careers in the fields of technology and engineering. In addition, the workforce is familiar with the procedures that Western businesses use and this gives them an edge over other countries, such as the China.

Affordable: The salaries in India for highly skilled workers are much lower than in Western countries, such as the UK and the U.S. As a result, outsourcing data entry work to India is very affordable not just for the business, but also for the service provider, who will not have to pay high salaries to the employees or spend large sums of money on health benefits and other employee benefits.

24/7 Customer Support: Even though there may be a time difference, India can offer 24/7 customer support. This helps to foster customer satisfaction and ensures that problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently. This allows you to focus more on core activities that are crucial to the success of your business.

Experience: As India has been in the outsourcing services industry for a long time, it has all the experience to carry out all tasks related to data entry. You can bank on the service provider to ensure that the entries are keyed in correctly and accurately which you can use to formulate your business strategies.