Rent Thermal Imaging Cameras Throughout Australia On Daily Basis For Your HVAC Technicians & Field Engineers, At Great Prices

The industrial sector in Australia, especially the manufacturing companies into heavy metals, forging steel, electrical and electronic goods are growing at a great pace and so the need to ensure a safe manufacturing process and work environment, is also an equal task to meet.
While it is not possible to completely shut the production units to conduct a safety audit there was need for such test and measurement equipments that can perform even while the machinery and system is working in its normal course. Infrared thermal cameras is one such portable appliance testing (PAT) equipment which is extensively used by field engineers and HVAC technicians to conduct thermal inspections, electrical wiring audits and predictive maintenance operations.

Failures in variously inducted electrical installations or mechanical systems in the industrial units require a quick identification of the faults, which can be detected by a well-developed system of thermal imaging. It is at such crucial moments that a thermographic camera comes in most handy. Yet, being expensive testing equipment, industrial users and engineering consultancy services into HVAC testing, installation, and repair opt to go for thermal imaging equipment rentals in Australia rather than purchase these test measurement equipments.

What is a thermal imaging camera?

A thermal camera is an electronic-equipment that functions by measuring the changes in the surrounding temperatures and provides images in some particular colours. For example, the very hot areas are reflected as white, and the coolest areas are seen in shades of blue. Red or yellow shades denote a medium range of temperatures.
Being very effective in seeing through dense smoke or in areas of complete darkness,   thermal imaging camera hires in Australia have been used in various surveillance and fire- fighting operations most successfully.

What are infrared thermal cameras?

An infrared (IR) camera unlike a thermal imaging camera displays only monochromatic images which are formed by using a single wavelength of light, and like a thermal imaging camera it too functions on the principles of infra red radiations and image-formations due to these radiations.
The thermal imaging cameras are more expensive as compared to IR cameras and hence a thermal imaging camera hire in Australia can prove to be costlier than an IR thermal imaging rental plan. Both however are useful in different situations in saving human lives or preventing losses due to some serious fire.

Applications Of IR Thermal Imaging Cameras

1. IN Residential Areas

Apart from finding a wide usage in industries, and many other sectors, the thermo graphic camera hires in Australia are gaining popularity in the home inspection industry where they are useful in inspecting the insulations, and detecting leakages.

The structural designs of residential units can be checked effectively using the thermal imaging equipments.

Locating any moisture infiltrations in homes, especially from leakages in flat-roof houses can be carried out and thus prevent any moulds arising from the humid conditions.


  • Useful in HVAC repair and maintenance services
  • In refrigeration repairs by detecting insulation leaks in refrigeration equipments
  • To detect underground gas leakages, in gas stations
  • In industrial plants to detect leakages, faults in electrical installations
  • For electrical inspections in homes, buildings, factories and commercial complexes
  • For inspecting thermal heat losses in residential units and offices, especially in the aftermath of severe snowfalls in winter
  • For locating radiant heating pipes or electrical wires
  • For inspecting boiler tubes and their thermal patterns


  • In border security for detecting any intruders
  • Used by law enforcement authorities such as the police force
  • Securities of sea ports, maritime, night time navigation, as well as the airports
  • In automation to monitor production processes and to prevent any major fires.
  • In various scientific research and development for enabling a speedier design cycle and a faster rate of production
  • In various fire fighting operations

Advantages Of Thermal Imaging Camera Rentals

Renting HVAC testing equipments benefits you by selecting from a wide range of expensive thermal imaging cameras at most cost-saving terms. You get the best equipments; all pre-configured and can choose your own period of hire.

You may select a short term or a longer period of thermal imaging equipment rental plan, depending on your requirements. Up grading the test equipments is possible, and proves to be a great advantage when you consider the fast developing technology  of today and the many new, more advanced and costlier equipments being launched in the market.
You also get full support of the test equipment rental staff to seek any technical information & guidance. Further, all maintenance and repair services come for free with your rental plan.

Go for a quality thermal camera hire to troubleshoot, analyze, and repair the leaking energy spots at home, factory or office. Inspect all electrical insulation systems to live and work in a safe and secure environment.

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