Taking Medical Help to Lose Weight

The branch of specialized medicine that deals with the weight loss, its causes, prevention and treatment is known as bariatric. It deals with the treatment of obesity. Obesity is a medical condition. It is here where excess amount of body fat has accumulated in the body. This adversely affects the health of the organism and thereby reduces the life expectancy. It can also cause other health related problems. The people who have their body mass index to be more than 30 kg/m2.

For medical weight loss Charlotte, NC, bariatric surgery can be considered. The term was coined in the year 1965 from Greek words. Bar- meaning weight and suffix, -iatr, from pediatrics and suffix –ic, which meant pertaining to, the medicine would include medicine, dieting, exercise and behavioral therapy. It can include pharmacotherapy, surgery, and all different approaches to weight loss. Today, overweight and obesity has become problems of pandemic proportions. There are multiple effects of obesity and they have higher risks of different kinds of medical issues. This would include heart disease, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, chronic musculoskeletal problems, and cancer. It ultimately affects the mortality rate of the humans. It has often been found that people face difficulty in losing weight on their own, and therefore it is imperative to plan their losing weight schedule. All kinds of fad diets have an adverse affect and many people have found to gain weight rather than losing. Some have problems in controlling their appetite and therefore fail to cease gaining weight.

Sometimes, the health clinics like the medical weight loss in Charlotte, NC, would include a diet, exercise, behavior therapy and anti-obesity drugs as the first line of treatment. It has often been argued that the medical therapy has failed to provide long term solutions. Yet it does provide improvements to the quality of life that the obese person lead. The related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes also are reduced. The medical weight loss programs are usually customized for the patient after their thorough examination.

If anybody is wondering how the weight loss programs differs from the others available in the market. The tools that are used in this program are different as it helps in the management of weight. Disparate from the other available commercial programs, the doctors would first measure the metabolism rate and the body composition of the individual. These are the two true weight loss indicators to the weight loss schedule, they would study and then provide a safe, low-calorie diet that would help in losing weight. This would help in breaking away from the cycle of food addiction. After this, the doctors usually prescribe appetite suppressants for the individual. As the final step, the trained doctors would have the ability to view the weight loss and maintenance that would be contextual to the health profile to the individual. If the condition requires medical assistance that is disturbing the weight loss efforts, the doctor can act as consultant with the primary doctor to provide an alternative that would be as effective and thereby lift those barriers.

Obesity increases the risk of suffering from multiple diseases especially the heart related, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer and osteoarthritis. It is usually caused with the combination due to excessive intake of food energy, lack of any physical activity and genetic susceptibility. The other causes would include due to endocrine disorders, medications, psychiatric disorders and genes.

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The author thinks that obesity is the root cause of multiple disorders. Sometimes with the help of medical weight loss Charlotte NC the patient can improve their lifestyle.