Some Methods to Extend Cut Flower’s Life

Flowers can add a sense of beauty. Its essence is enough to make the room vibrant and complete. The flowers are delicately edged and vivacious. This is the reason adding it to the tables as a centerpiece helps in evocating a sense of happiness. However, whatever the flower type, they start drooping the next day, wither, and die within a day. This article discusses some tips to ensure that they stay fresh. As William Wordsworth rightly quotes flowers being the “poet’s darling,” flowers exude sensuality, rabid beauty and is loved by all. However, what is the process of keeping them fresh throughout the week.

Not all people love gardening, growing plat and trees, however, you love to include flowers in your home décor. Cut blooms can be kept here and there. Since flowers are one of the most commonly received gifts, the recipient always wishes that it stayed fresh for long. There is more to preserve these flowers rather than just cutting at right angles or arranging them in a vase. One can now send Flowers to Saudi Arabia with the help of Internet. The following are some methods of making cut flowers live longer. The first is to ensure that once the flowers are received, the instructions are followed to the tee. Most of the time flowers are already cut and sent by the florists. Some of the steps to follow before cutting the flowers are as follows.

The first step is to cut them at the right time. It’s best to avoid cutting at night especially when the plant is in sleeping mode. If the flowers are cut then, one will not get fresh flowers. During the first few hours of the day, when fresh dew is on the plant, the flowers are at the peak of their health. This is the optimum time to cut the blooms. Another appropriate time to cut these flowers is late afternoon, when the temperature is cool. It’s best to cut them right away by using sharp tools like a knife or a gardener’s scissor.

The blooms should be cut above the node or the bud so that the plant can replenish itself. For example, the rose, daffodils and irises are best cut as buds on the plant. They will reopen and bloom once even if they are cut from the plant. Other blossoms like the delphiniums and marigolds should be cut once they are open and fully bloomed. The technique applied in cutting these flowers is at an angle and not straight. This would allow the stem to absorb more water and reduce the amount of air bubbles.

Now, these flowers are ready to be stored in the stores. Once someone decides Send Flowers to Egypt, the florists can have those arranged and shipped. However, they needs to be taken care of once they have been separated from the plant. The best way is to eliminate all leaves and thorns. The top foliage needs to be intact. It’s best to not to remove thorns of roses. Removing their thorns would shorten the flower’s life. It’s best to store them in lukewarm water. Once, the flowers have been accepted and appreciated, it’s best not to place the flowers near any fruits and vegetables. It’s best to put them in clean vases and ensure that the blooms have enough of breathing space. Preservatives can be used with the cut flowers.

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