Stress Therapy In Correlation To Your Body Cycle

Some people just can’t relax, due to high amounts of stress. Don’t worry if you seem to be one of them- there are ways to seek relief. One method is to learn about your body rhythm. Once you do, you can make changes to influence the stress you are currently experiencing in every day life.

Of the most important cycles you could look into is the sleep cycle. The sleep cycle is what is going to determine how rested you feel when you wake up. Without the proper sleep, you will start to feel faded and even sometimes disconnected from reality. Trying to work while in this state of mind is next to impossible. Sleep therapy options at this point are necessary- and won’t even require medication.

The body regulates hormones to control the very way we feel and act each day. Getting too little of a key hormone can make you feel drained, while too much can make you overactive, aggressive, and overall agitated. Balancing the hormones is harder to do, and can sometimes even require the help of a physician to help balance.

Your feeding pattern is controlled according to the idea of Circadian Rhythm as well. We all know stress leads to over eating- but what if the feeding cycle you conduct actually caused the stress? Controlling your feeding pattern can be hard if you don’t have self control. The best method to counteract overeating is to diet, while lack of hunger can be cured with medication and exercise.

Medication and drugs will easily affect the rhythm of your body. All doctors like to keep close contact to patients who are using a new drug for this reason. Even a tiny imbalance, over a long enough time period, can cause disorders such as bipolar disorder, insomnia, and of course the regular fatigue. Before taking a drug, note your stress levels and then make another note a week after using the drug as recommended by a physician.

You can find relief through medical equipment if you think you need help balancing your body rhythm. Stress therapy machines are available, such as those of sound therapy machines, that can limit stress before you go to sleep. While that may sound menial at first, sound therapy before sleep has been known to correct one’s sleep cycle over a moderate period of time- even just a week!

Final Thoughts

As you grow older you will start to find out more about your body- it just takes time. You can also talk to a health professional to see how you can speed up your knowledge of the body’s cycles, or obtain medical devices to aid you in the process.