Techniques Used To Get In Shape Using A Rebounder

The mini trampoline has been around for many decades, but the fun in exercising with them doesn’t ever cease. Through the years each generation fortunate enough to have access to a rebounder has been able to have fun and get a workout at the same time- but only with the right techniques.

The basic exercise you are familiar with would be to jump either continuously on the rebounder, or to jump on and off the ground. You can start working out your upper body at the same time by doing curls with light weights at the same time. Be careful not to pick weights that are too heavy, that in addition to your body weight can put stress on the rebounder. Sturdy models should be fine with this.

There are two extremes when working your legs in a workout. One method is to jump high and far- achieving air time that gives your leg muscles a greater contraction but a longer cool down time. The other method is to make very short jumps, almost walking in place, to increase your repetitions but also reduce the contraction of your legs. Finding a balance between the two is best for normal users.

One of the most challenging techniques used on a rebounder is the ski technique. With this technique you will resemble the efforts of a skier by swaying your lower body from the left to the right, and back again. The key here is to keep your upper body still while doing so. The result is a very tiring workout that your body won’t soon forget the next day.

Put some music on to get your blood flowing. You’ll find yourself making new dance moves, both on the trampoline and off, to move your body to the beat. Find a type of music that is upbeat and inspires you to expend your energy. You’ll see that the right motivation in a dancing routine will give you a more extreme workout than you would have achieved doing other exercises mentioned previously.

You aren’t limited to your legs when using a rebounder. Even though much of the focus is put on the legs, get creative in how you do the workout. Rebounders can also be attached to other machines, such as a Pilates reformer to give you extra bounce during your Pilates routine. From your stomach and back, to your upper body, just about every area of your body can be easily targeted.

Final Thoughts

So now you are aware of more rebounding techniques- it’s time to go have fun and try them out! These exercises and more can be found in reading material if you would like to expand your knowledge of exercise routines- and of course having great fun doing so!