Exercise For Golf To Increase Rotational Core Strength

Now I am sure you are well aware of what week it is is mens golf…

The U.S Masters at Augusta of course, and ever since I began playing when I was a young golfer the Masters always exited me, it signified (even though the U.K weather did not always show it) the start of the golfing season was well on it's way. . I have a couple of players who I think will do well this week, but choosing who will win is tough, of course there is Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald, Keegan Bradley Perhaps and I would like to see Adam Scott do well.

What I want you to do is watch and learn.Learn from these top golf professionals how they swing;

I do not mean the technical aspects so much, but I mean the control, the consistency in their golf swing and the good rhythm and width they have with each shot the balance. And they manage this even when the pressure is on…

Could your mental strength and your golf swing stand up to the pressure?

That is why I want to share with you this exercise for golf to increase rotational core strength

Why would rotational core strength be so important?

Because all the great points of a professionals golf swing that I mention above can only happen if you have balance, core strength and a wide rotation.

A good Exercise For Golf will train and teach your body the same feeling and stability you want when you one day may be faced with Amen Corner at the U.S Masters and your golf swing is feeling a bit twitchy.

The Lying Stability ball torso rotations that you see in the video reduce lower body movement but also encourages stability in the legs mobility in the hips and core strength to hold your posture in place throughout the swing at the same time as mobility and strength to create a big wide turn in your golf swing.

Quite an exercise for golf huh!

Remember you can add resistance to make it more difficult with elastic tubing or bands or even a light weight.

A golf exercise on it's own is not going to prepare you to win the U.S Masters of course but it will enable you to give your body the best opportunities to perform at its best more consistently. Following a complete golf fitness program program designed for your age, your ability, physique sahpe and goals more than likely is the secret ingredient you are missing.

So who will you pick to win the U.S Masters next year?