How to Create an Effective Gig Page

Whether you want to create a catchy gig page on a micro job site or on your own website, in order to promote your services as a freelancer, there are several considerations you should follow. Of course, while you don't necessarily have to use the guidelines presented here, it is best to offer your clients as many reasons as possible to choose you.

This is why the creation of a personal website may be needed in the first place, and this is also why your social networking pages need to be neat and well-organized. If you come up with just a shabby looking gig page, many potential employers will simply move on to the next offer without even a second glance.

Past Accomplishments
The easiest way of attracting an employer's attention on a micro job site is by writing about your past accomplishments. For instance, if you claim that you can write a good business plan, it may be a great asset to write a few words about your experience in the field, especially if you worked for a business plan writing service before.

Also, if you managed to finish a course or faculty related to the niche associated with your mini job, it may be a great asset to mention that, as well. Most of the time, some of the best freelancers get turned down for a job simply because they don't know how to sell it.

It doesn't always matter if you have a diploma in the type of work you are doing either. On a micro job site, the only thing that actually matters is your ability to convince an employer of your skills, and then live up to those expectations by providing the best possible results.

Photos and Samples
If you have photos or samples of your work, it might be a great idea to add them to your gig page, as well. For an artist, this can be difficult in the case of most micro gig sites, since you can only post one photo per gig.

If you have a networking page, however, you can add pictures of the paintings, designs or drawings you've made in the past, and encourage people to view them.

Similarly, for writers, it can be difficult to add even a few paragraphs to the short gig description section on a micro job site. They too can provide samples and further details about their work on their social networking page. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to link the page with your gig. Be mindful, since not all micro job websites allow for this.

A Friendly Attitude
When you want to promote a gig on a micro job site, it is also essential that you use a friendly and professional tone in all your descriptions. Don't try to make it sound like you know all about the subject, or like you are the very best in the business (even though the person who reads the description should, in fact get that notion from it).

Instead, the best approach is to write in a light, concise way, clearly defining all the main aspects that would describe your gig. Also, make sure to mention that you will try your best to provide all the assistance necessary in any cases that may be related to your subject, since that will further promote your authority.

Of course, no one can doubt the quality of your work after they have seen you in action, but before that, there is a simple matter of trust. If you want to create an effective gig page for a micro job site, therefore, you will need to present all your accomplishments in a friendly manner, without losing track of your main goal: to actually sell your gig.