Residential Wind Turbines

Are residential wind turbines something you should be spending your time thinking about? Or, are they just interesting because they supply power to people in high wind areas of the country?

In order to know if wind turbines are right for you though, you have got to take into account your specific situation and who you are as a consumer. There's just no way to generalize this type of problem as the success or lack of success of your particular property has a lot to do with the structures around where you want to install the wind device.

These are the ways to know if wind turbines are right for you...

You have a lot of wind at your house - To know how much wind you actually have it takes the resources of an anemometer or a small device that will allow you assess the wind at certain places around your house. There is no substitute for data collection. If you do not collect data then you are likely to sub-optimize what you are doing. That is to say if you are betting that the wind in your area is good and not taking specific data a your house you are not taking advantage of the complexity of the microclimates that surround you.

You have a good place to mount them - You have got to have a good place to put in the device. For many people that is there roof. By installing a wind turbine on the roof you're putting it in place that is very accessible on the one hand, but also is not a bad place of all to get wind energy on the other. So, the roof can be a great location for you if you have that option.

Your community doesn't mind that much - Many towns around the country will throw a fit if you think about installing a wind turbine in your backyard. Or, on your roof for that matter. That is largely because of the impression that many of these devices have left on the populace. Many people's perceptions about wind turbines began and ended with their having noticed a turbine farm on the side of the road as they were driving by. That, coupled with the fact that these devices can be loud, makes many communities very tentative about letting you add one at your house. So, be careful about any permitting restrictions that may challenge which you want to do in terms of installing a wind turbine on your property.

In conclusion, the residential wind turbine is here to stay but it may or may not be right for you right now.


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