Herbal Remedies You Can Find in Your Garden

Herbal remedies is not always easy to find. Many of the products are of another continent, nor necessarily go to health food stores that you regularly shop in. Instead, look to your flower bed, there are many useful plants in it, and some that you would never suspect!

Some of the plants will be placed should not be used because they are strong and can be fatal. However, manufacturers use one of them to be strong heart medicine.

Here are a few plants and their health benefits explained.

California Makov: When this plant is mentioned in conjunction with home remedies, it tends to be slightly raised eyebrow, so the two most popular questions will be answered. The two questions most people are asking first: Yes, it is connected, and it is not addictive. It still has a slight sedative effect, and it should not be used for children or people with drugs that cause drowsiness. It can also act as a mild painkiller.

Měsíček: This is a nice annual type of marigold. It has an Antiseptic personality of dried flowers (fresh and juice of them) have been known for thousands of years. Although it is not as strong as some OTC products, it can still serve this purpose, at least until you get to the market to buy.

Digitalis: The biennial is one that was mentioned above. Drug manufacturers are still required in the actual plant to digital. Constituents called digitoxin use, and can be fatal, especially for small children and pets. In ancient times, people from the tea to treat certain heart problems, but fortunately we can get through a lot safer recipes.

Lavender: This race is loved by many many people, and it is believably very popular. It is very beautiful in a subtle manner, and the smell is also very pleasant and relaxing. The smell is used in aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety, either through the essential oil products or a soothing cups of tea. Research shows that when a cloth is soaked in tea and placed on the forehead may help relieve headaches and migraines as well.

It is always good and essential to consult and notify/seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before using any herbal products, they know that their history and what medicines you are taking, and can be assured that no harmful interaction. They also know what is best for you and your body.

Don't forget that your usual herbs and spices are beneficial for you too, you can find these in your home cupboard.

Fruit is also good for you, for example eating Banana's can help get rid of bacteria in the stomach (which tends to cause mouth ulcers) and Oranges are a great source of anti-oxidants.