Backyard Bird Watching

Backyard bird watching may be the easiest birding experience one can get. You are at home, relaxed and just observing your flying neighbors. This type of bird watching can be moved to the next level and be a whole year experience.
Since you are enjoying the company of visiting birds, why not spice up your back yard. Making your yard more appealing to birds will bring more guests in and enhance your backyard bird watching experience.
A simple yard with some flowers and food for the birds will easily attract wandering birds. By adding a few bird-friendly paraphernalia flocks can easily be a permanent attraction. Start by having a feeder. A place you can put different seeds, nuts and suet. The feeder may attract unwanted guests like squirrels. Careful planning should be implemented. A bird bath can go a long way in making your back yard a haven for birds . From a simple basin to a fountain, birds will truly appreciate it. If you are wishing these visitors become residential birds then you may want to install bird houses. Have available for them cotton balls, twigs, string and other materials they can use to make a nest in the bird houses. They will surely want to decorate it.
The next step is to attract more birds to flock in the new home you have prepared for them. Some basic requirements should be met to reel a flock in. They should have a ready food source . They will eat a variety of things including seeds, nectar form flowers, fruits, insects, nuts and suet. Birds may feed on different things so know what species inhabit your area and have food specific to them available. Water as with any living thing is of extreme importance . These birds would surely enjoy a bird bath. Moving water is more eye-catching to them. They will detect it easier as they would be able to hear it from a far. A safe place to stay is the next thing they look for. If they do not feel safe , they will not settle. Having bushes, trees, and plants around will give them places to retreat to in case there is danger.
Year round planning and know-how will help draw attention to your birding site. In winter, start thinking about the shrubbery and flora you will plant, the flowers you wish to grow in your back yard. These flying creatures appreciate aesthetic beauty as well as the next person. Keep in mind that in winter they have less food sources so make sure you keep those feeders full. Come spring time, you will be able to watch these birds flock in not only with your eyes; they will also sing a beautiful chorus for you for welcoming them in your home. In the summer, make sure the bird baths have sufficient and clean water. They will want to cool down more and having clean water would prevent diseases spreading. During fall, these birds will explore and see where they can get food for the winter. Having food, shelter and water available will make their preference tilt towards your backyard.
These are but some of the things you can do to make backyard bird watching more enjoyable not only for you but also for your feathered friends .