Sexuality: Essential Aspect of Life

Our sexuality is certainly one of the most essential aspects of our life. It is the element of life we share with all other living things on this planet. Couples share wine, movies, vacations and bedrooms. Do couples also share sexual problems and solutions?

Everyone has troubles from time to time -- having desire, becoming aroused, reaching orgasm and feeling satisfied. It's normal. Sexual problems are common and treatable. Though, experts say the difficulty becomes a sexual dysfunction depending on how long the problem lasts, how you feel about it and how it affects your relationship.

Sexual Problems Causes
According to a study, 4 out of 10 women and 3 out of 10 men have sexual problems. It is estimated that as many as half of the sexual problems that spoil peoples lives and relationships are the result of insufficient knowledge. The sexuality of even very highly educated people is badly affected by a lack of sexuality knowledge resulting in beliefs in sexual myths or untrue "facts." Sometimes a rigid or fearful "sex education" in childhood from parent, teacher, church or media can affect very serious problems.

The most common sexual problems in men include premature ejaculation, problems in achieving or maintaining an erection (Erectile Dysfunction), and diminished or excessive sexual desire. According to National survey of Adult Sexual Behavior, 14-17% of men reported lack of interest in sex. Men over age 40 were two to three times as likely to report lack of interest compared to men under age 30. The most common problems in women include diminished sexual desire and problems in achieving a climax. Couples normally have problems because their levels of sexual interest are different.

Sexual Problems Treatment
Part of restoring your sex life generally includes understanding your body and your emotional desires. If the problem is clearly connected to difficulties within a relationship, receiving professional assistance by a trained sex therapist or relationship counselor may greatly improve the sexual enjoyment within the relationship.