Penis Extenders Compared and Reviewed

There are many makes of penis stretchers or penis extenders offered on the market today. Attempting to choose the suitable one to get can be a challenge, as many of these penis devices look very similar to one another. Below, I will evaluate the several penis extenders I have used myself, compare them to each other, and then assign a ranking to each. You should be more well-informed to make a buying decision when you finish reading this article.

Ranked 5th: Vimax Extender

The major reason why I don't like this extender is because it feels uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The extender elongates the penis with a silicone noose that hugs the penis just underneath the penis glans. The silicone noose pinches the penis to constrict blood flow and causes a considerable amount of discomfort when worn for longer than several minutes.

As well, the selling price of this extender is not exactly cheap. You'll see later that the Jes extender is very similar to the Vimax in design, but can be owned at a more reasonable price.

For the reasons above, I cannot suggest that you purchase the Vimax extender.

Ranked 4th: Jes Extender

The Jes extender is available in 4 packages: Budget, Original, Silver, and Gold. From Budget to Gold, each package consisting of increasingly more perks, longer warranty periods, but a higher cost.

Like the Vimax, the Jes has the same silicone noose design that makes it very uncomfortable to wear. However, the Budget package is one of the most economic extenders that can be found anywhere, so that if you're on a tight budget the Budget version of the Vimax may be the right choice for you.

For additional comfort, you may wish to consider the Silver or Gold versions of the Jes extender, because they both are designed with a comfort strap to lessen the discomfort while wearing the extender. I need to emphasize though, that in spite of the comfort strap, the Jes is still than the X4 Labs or SizeGenetics extenders I'll be talking about in a minute.

Another thing you should think about before ordering a penis extender is its company's refund policy. The Jes extender website's refund policy says that you are allowed to ask for a refund only if you have never worn it. This certainly isn't very logical, and certainly does not instill much confidence in the consumer.

Because of the reasons above, I suggest that you consider one of the other extenders we'll be looking at in the sections below.

Ranked 3rd: FastSize Extender

I like the Fastsize extender due to the fact that it's relatively comfortable to wear. Before, Fastsize was made with the same silicone noose design as the Jes and Vimax devices. However, after collecting customer opinions, the company proceeded to redesign the Fastsize device to include what they refer to as "duro bands" to increase comfort and also to eliminate a slippage problem that was also reported by customers. Existing customers only has to get the duro bands for several bucks and apply them to their extender to make it that much more comfortable.

Fastsize's owner is able to continuous make their extender better because they established a discussions forum for customers to talk about their product. This kind of customer support is unrivaled by any other penis extender company I am aware of.

In fact, Fastsize's owner is so confident about their extender, that they have a full money back guarantee if you do not experience any increase in the size of your penis after half a year of usage. Simply send in records of regular measurements as proof to receive the refund.

Another thing I must tell you is, you can get FastSize free-of-charge if you like. One way to do this would be to send in before and after photographs of your penis, to have your money refunded to you (you get to keep the extender of course). Another method of getting the Fastsize extender for free is to take part in their forum. You can use the forum points you accumulate to get a free extender.

Due to these reasons, I would recommend the FastSize penis extender to anyone who is planning to get seriously into increasing their penis size.

Ranked 2nd: SizeGenetics Extender

Just like for the Fastsize extender, the SizeGenetics extender can be received for free if you send in before and after photos of your penis. SizeGenetics also has a full money back guarantee if you fail to experience an increase in size after half a year of extender use.

So why do I rank the SizeGenetics extender above FastSize? Mostly due to the following two reasons.

The main reason is that I personally feel that SizeGenetics is more comfortable than FastSize. The SizeGenetics extender is equipped with a padded rubber comfort strap, making it quite comfortable to wear.

The second reason I rank SizeGenetics above the FastSize extender, is that SizeGenetics comes with many bonuses such as a DVD on penis exercises and a DVD on improving your sexual performance. These useful bonuses gives the SizeGenetics package the second-best value out of the five extenders I own.

Ranked 1st: X4 Labs Extender

Of all of the penis extenders I've used, the X4 Labs extender is with no doubt the most comfortable to put on. This extender comes with a layer of memory foam that wraps around your penis, plus a comfort strap that then secures it to the extender. Due to the fact it was so comfortable, I was able to keep it on it for long periods of time without feeling the need to take it off. Due to the fact that longer periods of use translate into faster gains in penis length, comfort ought to be one of the most important consideration when you're deciding on a penis extender.

Surprisingly, of all of the penis extenders I purchased, the X4 Labs extender cost the least. Just goes to show that higher quality doesn't necessarily come with a high price. The X4 extender comes in several different editions. I wouldn't recommend the Starter Edition unless you're only planning to achieve up to 7" flaccid length. The Deluxe Edition will permit you to gain beyond 7" flaccid and is the one I purchased. Also feel free to check out the other editions available.

In summary, the X4 Labs extender was able to give me the most gains in the shortest period of time at by far the most comfort for the least amount of money. I'm confident it will do the same for you as well.

Comparison and Recommendations

If you're planning to wear an extender for prolonged periods of time (e.g. for hours with occasional breaks), and comfort is your number one concern, then I suggest the X4 Labs extender. The X4 Labs extender also has the best value considering its low price tag.

If you are on a very limited budget and money is your top concern, I would recommend the "budget" version of the Jes extender.

If you want unbeatable after sales help, think about the FastSize extender.

Taking everything into consideration, I highly recommend the X4 Labs extender for its comfort level, the fast gains you are able to potentially get by applying it, and its low price tag compared to similar products in the marketplace.