Do You Have The Signs Of A Strong Longlasting Relationship?

We can proud of our relationships, families and our kids in this life of ours. When we can outlast the entire social media blitz that we are bombarded with on a daily basis and still say that we have a relationship. Well it's just short of a miracle these days.

Having a relationship that is stable and secure along with being happy would seem to some people a minor achievement in life. With all the distraction that society has to throw at us in the form of television, email, voice mail, face book, FLOCK, AIM, tweet and every other social media network it seems that we have no time for each other.

I contend that we can overcome all the social media environment that we have around us and build a strong healthy relationship that we can be proud of.

We can overcome everything but it will take work. Being appreciative of a result with hard work is something that is able to withstand the social demands of the day. Throughout this article signs of a strong healthy relationship will be discovered so that you can use that as a benchmark.

If you don't have these signs then you can work on getting them ingrained within your relationship.
All of us goes through a number of changes in life. As we grow inwardly and become wise so does our relationship grow. Being able to cope with the ups and down of life is one of the trademarks of a strong healthy relationship. Going through the arrangement of emotions that life throws at us will make us strong willed.

The hallmark of strong relationships will be listed in the signs that I will detail below.

* Spend time together.
Sure you live together and you see each other every day. I really mean to spend quality time with each other so that you can get to know them from the inside out.

You have to now each other from the inside out. Know and understand what excites the other person. Know what they are thinking about. Know what turns them on.

All the parts of the psyche have to work together in order to have harmony. You have to learn how to "feel" each other out. Not in the physical sense but in the psychic sense where you can communicate at a level that nobody else can in their lives.

* Being kind to one another.
This is a given. Treat your partner as you would meeting someone for the first time in public. Being gracious and have mutual respect for your partner is needed for longevity.

The little things in life like saying "thank you" will turn out to be big later on. Holding the door to the restaurant for your wife with a thank you goes a thousand miles in the gratitude department.

* Enjoy each other.
Insuring that you enjoy each other during any type of activity is a necessary art and skill that you must acquire. It's nice to feel good about yourself and how much more when you're with someone to feel good about?

Lighten up with humor and don't be so sensitive about remarks made during casual conversation. A lot of what people say are forgotten the next day, unless of course it is a controversial subject. But during a social occasion you shouldn't be testing the waters with subjects that is volatile in any case.

* Let it go.
Don't worry if your mate doesn't take your side on a subject. Opinion polls for are politicians. They're not for relationships. You can debate on issues and you can be on opposite sides of the subject. But you don't have to treat your partner as an adversary.

Remembering that your partner is part of the reason why you're successful in life. You didn't forget that part did you? Ok learn how to let go of an issue and pass it off as a subject to be dealt with later. Remember that everyone has a right to their opinion on any subject.

Remember that you know each other so this is nothing new.A particular stance on an issue doesn't mean life or death. Just an opinion so leave it at that.
Highly charged emotional issues can't be forgotten so easily at times. That is totally understandable but it doesn't have to be a permanently separation issue because of it. Learning how to cope and how to understand one another is a key trait that you'll have to learn if you are to survive the relationship.

So do you have at least some of the signs of a strong healthy relationship? Hopefully you do but if you don't then hope is still waiting for you.

There is no perfect relationship. You might think that but there really isn't. Any relationship that may seem perfect to you have been worked on for a long time.

If you learn how to savor each other, learn about each other and learn how to cope with each other you have a opportunity to have a great relationship.