Want My Ex Back – 4 Easy Steps

You had an amazing relationship with your ex. You thought you would be together forever. You where so happy. Ok, so you did have some times when things weren't so great. You fought and argued from time to time. But every relationship goes through its ups and downs, right? One day things ended. It may have caught you by surprise.

Sometimes a break up is just what we need to realize what we had. We tend to get a little relaxed in a relationship and forget how we should be treating each other. We sometimes realize after the breakup that maybe those things we where nagging about or fighting over just weren't that important after all.

4 Ideas on How to Get Your Ex Back

1. Do not jump into a new relationship or go out looking for someone to take your mind off things. If you need to clear your mind do something constructive. For example, if you find you have been letting yourself go, now would be a perfect time to think about getting back into shape. This will not only make you look great but feel great as well.

Another way that you can keep busy is to visit old friends that you have been neglecting. Excluding old loves of course. Spend some time with family. Family is always there and thier love is unconditional. This will help with your self-esteem at this point.

2. Sometimes we want our ex back so badly that we are willing to do or try anything. It is EXTREMELY important that you do not beg, cry or play the victim. This will only result in your ex losing respect for you.

What you need to do is be yourself. If you find yourself in a situation where you are still crossing paths with your ex you need to act normal. Appear happy and confidant. This will go a long way, trust me here.

3. Do not call or bug them. This will only push the other person away. Instead, you need to give them some space. Your ex needs some time to think about things. This may very well result in the other person realizing how important you where to them.

Along with this third idea one of the harder things to handle are the things that will be going through your head. It is very common to start worrying about them meeting or being with another person. You will have to try very hard not to think or worry about this. At this point even if this is the case there is nothing you can do about it. Your job is to be a happy confident person in front of your ex. Do not let them see that you are sad. This will only make them feel uncomfortable around you and push them away.

4. Think back to the first time you met your ex. How wonderful those times where. Now think, what kind of person where you? Why did your partner fall in love with you in the first place? This is the person you need to be again. You still have this person inside you. You need to bring that person out again. My guess is that you where a happy smiling, confident person. And everyone likes to be around someone who is happy and always smiling.

Things may or may not work out in the end but these 4 pieces of advice will give you the best chance in making it work again. People break up every day and get back together again, more times than not.
If things do work out and you do get back together your next steps are important as well. I will cover this in another writing as these steps are just as important as the steps it takes to get back together.