Losing Weight? Stay Away From The White Foods

For those trying to lose weight and eat a healthy diet there is an avalanche of material available ready to overwhelm you. With so much information and advice on dieting it can be difficult to know what is good information and what isn’t. Keeping it simple can be valuable advice.
When trying to lose weight there is one rule of thumb that is a safe bet to follow to make sure you’re losing weight and staying healthy: Avoid the white foods. The white foods that I’m talking about are white flour, salt, sugar, pasta and white rice.
Unlike the natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables that are provided to us by nature, foods that has been run through several layers of processing have lost a great deal of their vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. When you compare whole wheat against foods made with white flour like bread and pasta you see that over half of the fiber, zinc, vitamin E and folic acid have been removed. Even though the white flour used to make these products has been enriched to make up for the nutrients that were taken out, typically only about 5 are put back in compared to over 100 that were lost.
These foods that undergo intense processing to make them taste better and become more visually appealing have lost so many nutrients that they shouldn’t really even be called food anymore. Also, since so much of the fiber has been removed they are absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly. This causes a surge of insulin to be released by the pancreas to make up for the rush of glucose. Over time the demand for insulin on the pancreas because of all that processed food and all of the extra body fat leads to diabetes.
Multiple studies have been done that clearly point out the danger of eating as much processed food as we do. Along with the outer covering that was removed from the whole wheat to make white flour went most of the nutrients. Because the white flour has lost so much of the fiber and nutrients we need to satisfy our appetites this also leads to heart disease, diabetes and greater risk of cancer.
The bottom line is, if you’re trying to lose weight the most important foods to avoid are processed carbohydrates. This includes baked goods like bread, pasta, bagels and cake. Make it a point to avoid all low fiber carbohydrates and the battle to lose weight is almost won.

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