When renting a vehicle is cheaper

Many people rent cars only when they can not use their own vehicle or when their vehicle is not available. This group of people rent a car when they are traveling, away from their home. This trip can be a business trip, or vacation. People often opt for renting vehicles after a car accident or some serious malfunction on their vehicle. Because their vehicle is not available for a long time, people are forced to contact car rental companies and travel agencies. You may not have thought about it, but there are still many situations when renting vehicles is cheaper than using your own or borrowed vehicle.

Vehicle rental - examples

Is it possible rented car can ? Is this situation possible? Of course. Abroad you can find a lot of examples when it is more profitable to rent a vehicle. Is the situation different in our country? At Rent a Car Agency, we thought how to offer our customers the best answers. Below we will give you some examples that will show you that you do not always have to look at rental cars as an unnecessary expense.

For Business

You have a very important business meeting a couple of hundred kilometers from home. The first option that comes to your mind is to go with your own vehicle. If your car is a big consumer (you have a SUV or older car), it is worthwhile to rent a vehicle that is less expensive. If the rented vehicle is economical, and it looks better, it makes sense to rent a car for that day.

Your vehicle is approaching the agreed mileage threshold, and the period in which the calculated mileage enters, is not yet completed or expires next month. The penalties for over-mileage leases can range from 0.05 to 0.20 euros per kilometer. This becomes a common problem when looking for a lease that appears to be favorable, but there are many unfavorable clauses. Instead of paying a "penalty" for overdraft, you can rent a car. After passing 300-400 kilometers, on your sudden business trip in a rented car, you will spend 30-50 Euros for lease. When you calculate, you will pay as much as you have to pay for excessive mileage and you will not have to justify a bank or a car-house.

Private Use

Your child moves to college or needs to move. Whether it's a start or a continuation of study, it's often necessary to transfer a lot of things that do not fit into the capacity of a family car. It is most often profitable to rent a wagon and thus transfer all necessary things. This can be cheaper and faster than sending things through the shipping agency. Of course, we do not recommend you to transport furniture or things that you can damage to a rented car.

Your best friend from school comes with your family with you. It will be able to accommodate you, but transportation will be a problem. You only have one car, and you plan to go to the surrounding area. It's worth a couple of days to rent a car, so it's easier to get around the traffic.

Not For Urgent Needs, Only

You are traveling with your family for a long time and are concerned that your already old car is not capable of doing the job. Nothing can destroy summer breaks faster than car problems. Being forced to search for a reliable mechanic in place, at sea or mountain, 500 clocks from home can be frustrating. You will spend your precious time on vacation, trying to do what you would do at home in less than half an hour. You can give up that risk by renting a vehicle.

You plan to sell your old car, but you do not want to do it before returning from your vacation. In this example, you do not just have to take into account the miles you are going to cross, but also the extra costs that you will have to edit the car before sale. If the holidays are on vacation, you need to do something about car maintenance, it is more cost-effective to rent a vehicle, but subject to unnecessary costs.



What Do You Think?

There are a number of other cases when driving a rented car makes more sense than driving a personal car. The key thing is not to think about renting a vehicle in a negative way. Renting is not a solution when bad things happen, only. You do not need to rent a car in emergency situations: during your vacation, when you need a car or when your car is in service. By changing this way of thinking, you will save money and time. You will notice you can save money on rented cars. Tell us: What do you think.