5 Easy Steps to a Successful Facebook Fan Page

So perhaps you discovered this page simply because you need to create a really great fan page, or possibly you've a fan page currently nevertheless it kinda sucks….no issue! This tutorial will turn your fan page from lame to great in a matter of minutes!

1st you will need an actual fan page. These are fantastic to have simply because it lets other individuals follow you, and provides you an authoritative presence on Facebook. This can be like having social proof that you simply are a great guy or girl and that other individuals locate what you must provide useful. The simplest approach to do this is always to visit someone else’s fan page, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Create Page” link. You are able to check out my fan page right here - Rachael Macgregor MLM Secrets Fan Page

Some tips for setting up your Facebook fan page -

1. You must upload a photo for your fan page. There is certainly absolutely nothing less expert that a fan page with no a photo, seriously!

2. Enter as significantly info about your self and what you do. This is not a spot to promote your major enterprise or try and sell something. The aim of one's Facebook Fan Page is always to create fans! Supply them worth and they’ll preserve coming back for a lot more. Attempt and sell them one thing and they’ll run a mile.

3. Add a link for your blog in the box below your photo using a reason for people to check out your blog.

Ok, now that you’ve set that up you need to do a few items which will SUPERCHARGE your fan page, get fans coming back for more and assist you to collect a lot more leads!

1. Join Networked Blogs on Facebook and connect your weblog for your profile as well as your fan page. To accomplish this sort “Networked Blogs” into the search bar at the best of Facebook. Install the application. Go by means of the steps to link it to your fan page and individual profile.

2. Link your Twitter account to your Fan Page to ensure that updates show on Twitter. Click the “Get Started” tab on your fan page, then “Link to Twitter” and adhere to the measures there.

three. Add a Fan Page box to your web site or weblog. This could be located on the “Get Started” tab.

four. Add your videos to your Fan Page. Click the plus sign in the top of one's Fan page, then add video’s for your page. Ensure you consist of a link in your video description with a reason for people to visit your blog for a lot more.

5. Add a lead capture form for your fan page. To accomplish this check out aweber, set up an inline form. Then install fbml on Facebook, go to your fan page and click “Edit Profile” then FBML. Click “add tab”. Put the title of your capture page in there, and paste the html code from aweber in to the box. Now it's going to seem at the top of your fan page.

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