Medical Insurance facility in India

medical insurance has shown a silver lining to the middle class people. It has been successfully able to take away the worries regarding the medical expenses that are increasing day by day. To avail a proper medical insurance which has unique value of sorts a comparison of the various policies is necessary of sorts.

According to the present scenario though the government run hospitals and other government sponsored medical facilities has some of the best brains of the market, still due to lethargy the quality of their services are degrading day by day. In almost all the government sponsored medical institutions the rate of mortality is quite high just because of infections and other cleanliness issues. So the common man in India has shifted their preference to private medical facilities, which is pretty expensive. In order to cope with the ever increasing expenses of the medical facilities, medical insurance is gaining ground among the civilians.

Medical insurance India provides affordable solutions to middle class people to save a part of their income for the medical expenses on a monthly or annual basis. Generally mediclaim provide benefits pertaining to hospitalization, critical illness, tax benefits and cashless claims. This needs to be taken into consideration while buying a mediclaim policy.

medical insurance india is of two basic types:

1. Individual Medical Insurance – It is the type which provides protection to the health issues of the policy holder only.
2. Family floater Insurance - In this type of policy not only the policy holder but also the members who are mentioned at the time of the application by the sponsor (policy holder) are covered.

The tax benefits that are provided by the mediclaim are of immense importance along with the health cover facilities. The mediclaim provide tax benefits under the section 80 (D) of the Indian Income Tax Act and has opened a dual benefit option to the mediclaim customers both by protecting their health and saving the tax.

There are several insurance companies providing mediclaim facilities and provides some general features as well. The general features that are provided by most of the insurance companies are as follows:

• Room charges and the boarding charges of the hospital
• Charges related to the ambulance facility
• Charges for consultation with the doctor
• Diagnosis charges
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges
• Charges for medical facilities like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and dialysis are also covered.
• Charges related to medicines and other medical materials are also provided.
• Coverage of pre and post hospitalization charges.
• Most of the insurers provide cashless hospitalization facility.

Apart from this there is an option of critical illness cover that provides a lump sum amount at the time of major exigencies where there are needs of heavy cash for treatment. To get these kind of policy one has to buy them with a high amount at the time of application. Even the policy holders may have to complete a waiting period to get the benefits.

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