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Mark Persson has given the world the game that would leave hundreds of thousands of people very happy - Minecraft. This amazing game began as a sandbox construction game, but eventually rose to the challenge of adventure like it is today. For the novice player, Minecraft may seem a bit confusing and perhaps a bit overwhelming. Minecraft some tips can go a long way toward getting them on their way.

Your character starts in the middle of a randomly generated world with nothing on his person. Looking around you may notice some things, like trees and animals wandering on. You may also notice that this is the day outside, if the sun moves across the sky regularly. Once the sun goes down the monsters out, then go to meet a shelter is the first thing that needs to be done.

By pressing the "E" will open your inventory, but also provides access to the box crafts. In the upper right, there are four places where items can be placed to the mix and create new useful objects. For example, by placing a piece of charcoal on top of a stick a torch is made. In fact, four torches are made, as Minecraft usually gives multiple things when you craft.

Now, to start crafting anything, the first thing he needs is a little wood. Punching trees (using the mouse) until they break you will pick up the piece that broke off. Taking this piece of wood and put it in the box craft will turn it into a pile of boards. After four plates have been collected, they can be placed in each of the four squares in the area of craft and transformed into a work plan, which allows a craft box of nine squares and the ability to create more articles.

You'll find yourself running, beating on a large number of trees in the beginning. The first thing is that workbench. From there, a pick can be made. First, take two boards and place them on one another to make sticks. Then, two sticks, one on top of the other with three boards in the upper part in the form of "T" training will produce a toothpick. This choice will allow stone and other hard objects to be exploited. Then you need to run and find some coal. After mining you will need for torches using coal and sticks as mentioned above.

Now that you have flashlights, peak, and a work plan that you need to hide. Find a beautiful piece of landscape and determine your path in. Dig a small area and set up torches for lighting. Monsters can not reproduce in areas without light, so the torches away. Cover blocks the entrance with a little more (to keep the monsters on) and wait for the new day. The night is a good time to go digging in the ground as well, looking more resources to use to make better items. Find Minecraft info at our blog The most common resources that you find on the surface of the world are iron and coal. Iron can be used to make better weapons and tools as well as some armor to keep you alive.

After the first night is in place you can go to the new world to explore. Once you know how to survive the night, the rest is easy. Experiment with the work plan and different materials to create things. If you really need a boost, cheats Minecraft are available online and many pages that show all the recipes for making objects. Once you have the right materials you can do something railways to musical instruments to electric powered pistons. Using these items, you can build a world for you and your friends to enjoy and explore, complete with castles, towers, underground railways or anything else you can imagine.

Much more informations about this great game you can find at our Minecraft blog. There is a maps, mods, useful infos and sometimes accounts giveaway, so you can get a free account every month.

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