Blu Electronic Cigarettes vs Volcano ECigs

The electronic cigarette has shown us a lot of advantages when placed side by side with your regular tobacco cigarettes. It then comes as no surprise that there has been a lot of talk surrounding it. As with regular tobacco cigarette users, electronic cigarette users are bound to compare brands, seeing which is better. With the boom of the electronic cigarette industry come numerous brands, however, the two most popular brands vying for first place in the electronic cigarette hierarchy would be Volcano ECigs and Blu Electronic Cigarettes. You cannot help but compare the two to see which one is better, and in this article, we will be doing just that.

There are 2 features that we will be comparing: price and flavor. If you want to know more about it, read on.

When comparing the prices of both Blu and Volcano, you would notice that the starter kits of Volcano Ecigs are way cheaper than that of Blu Electronic Cigarettes. In fact, Volcano Ecigs has a kit called the Express Starter Kit which is great for people who are thinking of trying out the very popular electronic cigarette lifestyle. It retails for only $22.99 and contains a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and a cartomizer. You also have the choice of the flavor and nicotine strength of your cartomizer. Blu Electronic Cigarettes does not give you this option. In fact, their starter kit is way too expensive at $69.95. The complete starter kit of Volcano will only cost you $64.99, saving you $5 in the process. And with Volcano, you get a wide range to choose from as well. You get Lava, Magma and Inferno. With Blu, you only get to choose between the basic starter kit and their premium version.

Electronic cigarettes, other than their adjustable nicotine levels, are also well-known for their flavor. The wider the range of flavors to choose from, the better. With Volcano Ecigs, they present you with 10 flavored cartomizers and a blank cartomizer as well. The reason behind the blank cartomizer is that you can purchase a flavored liquid of you do not like the pre-filled cartomizers. These are premium flavored liquids and you have 32 flavors to choose from. Blu Electronic Cigarettes gives you 7 original flavors that also come in premium versions. The main difference is that premium flavors are more intense than their original versions. The price of Volcano and Blu cartomizers are pretty much the same, at $11.99 and $12 respectively. Same goes with their premium flavors at $12.99 and $13. However, with Volcano’s range of flavors to choose from, they pretty much take the cake.

With the comparison of these two categories, it pretty much shows that Volcano ECigs come out on top. They have the more inexpensive price of the two, and they also have many flavors to choose from. Consumers would definitely look for a newer experience when trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time and Volcano would definitely appeal to their tastes. Why not look into it right now?