Data Mining Ebook at Data Entry India Company

What is E-Book?

An electronic book (also e-book, eBook and digital book) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers, mobiles, ipad, or other electronic devices.

eBooks can be created through the following data sources:-

PDF files: - We integrate related multiple files into one for better organized forms. This way, you will no longer be confused with the amount of files you have in your system.

Paper documents, whether printed or handwritten can be converted into digital form. Combined with our data entry, scanning, data conversion services, you can now get rid of thousands of paper documents and reduce the clutter of your home or office.

Digital images of paper documents which are in .jpg, .tiff, .bmp and many others can now be converted into an eBook.

Microsoft Word files.

eBook Publishing / eBook Conversion Services :-

In this modern era, technology keeps changing, even at the way we read books. No one likes to carry books while travelling and an alternative to that is book reading devices. Various ebook reading devices are available in the market namely Kindle, iPad, Sony Readers etc. Being an author or publisher, the main aim is to get an excellently written book converted to a fine formatted ebook and making it ready for readers at online-markets.

We provide the following ebook conversions:

  • .mobi, for Kindle and Mobipocket, MOBI files (.MOBI, .PRC), .TXT files, or files in .AZW formats are read on Kindle.
  • .epub, for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) etc, lot more others ebook Reader Devices.
  • .html, for reading books over the Web.
  • .chm, Microsoft Compressed HTML Help.
  • .pdf, Adobe Portable Document Format.
  • .pdf, Palm Digital Media electronic books.
  • .exe, Multimedia eBooks with virtual turning pages.

What do Data Entry India ebook conversion services offer?

(1) Quality:- Quality, the name it-self justifies what is expected. We can provide OCR conversion prior to converting hard copy books (not restricted to any language) and achieve 99.99% accuracy before publishing the same ebook document.

(2) Maintaining Visual Integrity of the content:- There are over 35 major ebook readers in the market; including mobiles which now a days can read eBooks too and each platform requires a different format. It is very important to maintain visual consistency for content of the book. We make sure a high quality ebook is created for that particular device.

(3) Pricing:- Price for an ebook conversion can be a fixed price per book or can be per page cost depending upon the volume and number of characters involved.

(4) Faster Turnaround Time:- With team of experts and trained professionals in the field of ebook conversion services, we are capable to handle your requirements with faster turnaround times, not compromising on quality and integrity.

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