Importance of Inner Page Optimization

Creation of deep links is important to build a solid, comprehensive web site. In this process, you first select a page where you want to create deep link in order to rank in Google. Then, you optimize the page as you do the home page. For example, if you do link exchange for home page, then instead you do link exchange for inner page, give the inner page URL in resource box while submitting articles, etc. The overall process of link building is the same. The only difference is that instead of home page, you provide links to the inner page.

Although this task is meticulous and takes a long time, it is rewarding in terms of benefits it provides:

  • Persuades search engines: Deep linking persuades search engines of the legitimacy of your web site content. Several web sites have the good content only on their home page. However, with deep links, search engines are convinced that your entire web site contains genuine content, not just the home page. This will convince them of your legitimacy and validity.
  • Increases keyword relevancy: Deep linking will also increase the relevance for the keywords which you are trying to rank. Instead of optimizing for every keyword on your homepage, you will be able to optimize keywords on every post and page of your site. This will help you webpage to rank easily and ultimately gain more viewers. Most important thing is that if your home page is taking time in ranking, then at least your inner pages can get well ranked if you go for deep linking.
  • Become more visible: Deep linking will also make your website more visible. More people will be able to notice your web site for valid content and visit it for the required information. In fact, good ranking of your inner pages can also increase can also increase number of hits to your inner page too.

Finally, deep linking ensures that your website continues to grow. If you want to gain an edge over the competition, then you must build deep links within your website to ensure higher ranking on search engines especially if your home page keyword has tough competition. Always remember you are doing Search Engine Optimization for whole site, not just home page, hence you should ensure that all your pages should be inĀ  Google top 20 and for that you have to do Inner Page Optimization.