Phlebotomy Training in California

In this article, we go over phlebotomy training in California, one of the most important states. We start with an overview of the state and its education. Subsequently, we discuss phlebotomy schools in California. Aspiring phlebotomists from California will find this info valuable in obtaining the proper school for their phlebotomy training.


California is the most populous state in the US and the third greatest by land location. It is home to eight of the country’s fifty most populous states- Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach and Oakland. As of 2010, it had a population of 37,253,956. Its Gross State Product of nearly USD 2 trillion is the biggest among the states.


California’s public secondary education system is composed of high schools that teach optional courses in trades, languages, and generous arts. The public education system is financed by a unique law that needs a minimum annual financing for high school and community colleges that goes up with the growth in economy and student enrollment figures.

California’s public post-secondary education system includes a unique three tiered system:

The University of California (UC) is a research university system. Under this, there are ten standard campuses, and quite a few specific campuses.

The university program called the California State University (CSU) system has nearly 500,000 students, producing it the greatest university system in the country. It is intended to accept the top one-third of high school students. There are 23 CSU schools that primarily provide undergraduate education.

Basic expertise and labourforce training are made available by the California Community Colleges system. With 100 colleges having a combined student power of over 2.9 million, it is the biggest network of higher education schools in the US.

In the private sector, California has hundreds of private colleges and universities. The notable universities are the Stanford University, the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology, and the Claremont Colleges.

Phlebotomy schools in California

There primarily are two routes to becoming a phlebotomist in California. The first and standard one is to take a position as a trainee phlebotomist in one of the independent laboratories or hospitals in the state. Here, you will study phlebotomy while working under a senior phlebotomist or nurse. A high school diploma or comparable GED score is the minimum education requirement to be appointed as a trainee phlebotomist. The second choice is to register for in a phlebotomy program featured by one of the phlebotomy coaching schools in California. Here you will study both the theory and practice of phlebotomy.

The best phlebotomy training schools are those approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). A training in an NAACLS-accredited phlebotomy school creates it simpler for you to obtain certified in phlebotomy once you total the training. There however is only one school offering NAACLS-approved phlebotomy classes in California:

California Institute of Medical Science, Inc
1901 E. Shields, Suite B-118
Fresno, CA 93726
Tel: (559) 490-3911

There however exist many additional companies such as adult schools, career colleges and hospitals that are authorized by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to offer phlebotomy training in California. For those seeking entry-level phlebotomist jobs, these are a good training option. Additionally, you can search for phlebotomy and other allied health schools in your location by entering the zip code in the lookup box on this page.

Becoming a phlebotomist can provide you with a very rewarding professional life. Choosing the right phlebotomy schools is probably one of the most important decisions in your Phlebotomy career. Find the best Phlebotomy schools, visit