Attend a Chrysler Apprenticeship and Start you Career’s Engine

Do you love working with your hands and have an interest in cars? Do you drive a Chrysler or think the Chrysler company seems like a good one to work for? Do jobs like automotive service technician, service writer/advisor, service manager, instructor/professor and auto company representative sound like they may appeal to you? If so, you may want to consider attending Centennial College's Chrysler apprenticeship. Successful students earn an Ontario College diploma, have eight months of practical, on-the-job, co-op training in a Chrysler dealership and complete their entire Ontario apprenticeship in-school curriculum within two years.

To apply for the undertaking, officially known as Automotive Service Technician Chrysler Co-op, students must have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or General Educational Development (GED) or equivalent. They may also be required to present a resume and transcript for faculty review. In addition, these future Chrysler technician may be required to fill out a questionnaire and attend an interview. Note that English proficiency and satisfactory results in a program admission session will also be considered during the admissions process.

The Automotive Services Technician program, of which Chrysler Canada Inc. is a valuable partner, will prepare students for an exciting future as a skilled professional in the transportation field, one of Canada's largest industries by ensuring they have a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of Chrysler vehicles. This training starts at Ontario's largest automotive training centre, Ashtonbee campus, which is fully equipped with the latest Chrysler equipment and tools. In addition, other transportation programs are facilitated out of the same facility, allowing for peer interaction and networking.

Students spend the first eight months of the Chrysler apprenticeship in school, eight months in co-op as a registered apprentice and a final eight months in school. When they are in school, students focus on certain aspects of the vehicle, meanwhile when they are with their employer they are apply this knowledge, gain real-world experience and interact with customers. To be more specific, the in-school aspect of the Chrysler apprenticeship, combines theory and lab experience, while focusing on Chrysler product. Among automotive courses included are: Workplace Practice and Procedures (five topic areas are covered: fasteners, bearing and seals, oxyacetylene operation, computer fundamentals); Engine Systems (introduction into the principles of operation and the terms related to the internal combustion engine); Suspension/ Steering & Brake Systems (looks at course kinetic energy, handling dynamics, frames types and damage, friction, steering designs, and more); and others, including a unique advanced electrical and electronics diagnosis course. In addition to these Chrysler apprenticeship product courses are theoretical ones — Employment Pre-Placement, Occupational Health & Safety, Organizational Behavior, Communications for Professionals in the Automotive Industry and Fixed Operations Management.

Responsibilities of a Chrysler technician include: diagnosing problems using Chrysler diagnostic equipment; performing repairs and preventive maintenance on engines, transmissions, electrical systems, brakes and tires. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth in Automotive Service Technology to grow by 14 percent from 2006 through 2016.