Why US retailers take help of professional shippers for product shipping to UK?

Till a few years ago online shoppers had to scratch their heads to find out ways to get their US products shipped to their doorstep! Especially while buying US products from UK, the online shoppers had had the worst shopping experiences. First off, they were most commonly denied to pay the bills via their credit cards. Secondly, US retailers would generally leave aside the idea of taking responsibility to ship the products to any international address. In support of their stand, which would often seem to be queer to the online shoppers, they showed two reasons as follows:

1. Payment via non-US credit cards got delayed, making their relationship with their clients sour

2. Chances of delayed delivery to any international address were rife for unprofessional international shipping handling

But, trend and inclination to online shopping was growing so rapidly that US retailers were forced to start thinking as to how to reinvent ways to smoothen the shopping on the web. There was a gradual transition from physical shopping to virtual shopping. And, this was to surely occur for several reasons. One of the reasons behind rapid growth of online shopping popularity is shoppers do not need to push the crowd to advance in a shopping mall. Nor do they require spending long time in the buyers’ queue.

With online shopping growth, shopping experience has got a radical change, drawing in traditional buyers more and more. It is convenient, and shopping is allowable round the clock unlike traditional shopping. Now, shopping is not limited with a certain time boundary. Again, geographical boundary has also eliminated in view of online shopping growth. Now, UK buyers can buy products from US retailers when they wish. Often, any new products are launched in the US market. So, buyers of any country are to look to the US retailers to grab them in the very first time.

To obliterate all of those online shopping limitations, US retailers have built various online shopping sites that sell products of different categories and the buyers can also pay the bill for the products through third party shipping agents who take up the onus of shipping usa to uk or any international address, responsibly and professionally.

If you are a regular online shopper, you must be aware of them and their responsibility. But, those who are new to this world need to know who these third party shippers are and what role they perform. Here is an overview of them and their roles.

As US retailers don’t accept non-US credit card payment for delayed payment service, so do they the request of international shipping. This is why they have started taking help of third party professional shippers. Online shoppers are to first open a free account with them and are given a real US address in return. At every time, they purchase any product online they are to give payment instruction so that they pay the bill on behalf of their account holders. US retailer do not mind accepting payment from these accounts and ship the products to the address within US. On receiving the products, these third party shippers start shipping to uk or any international address.

They can ship the products to any international address on time. They can do this because they provide this service only.