How to Choose the Best Handmade Rugs Online

Handmade rugs are dime a dozen and should be bought from a genuine store, stores you can trust and you know that it has been in business for a long time with a very good reputation. If you want to make a purchase a handmade rug, make sure to check for the following. Apart from checking the color, design and material of the rug, check the following characteristics including these mentioned below:-

-          Source of the rug (where was the rug made):- if it’s an oriental rug, it could originate from India, China, Turkey and Iran.

-          Machine or handmade: - if its machine made, then genuineness is lesser. Handmade rugs are woven with fineness and good material. If designs are visible, then they are handmade.

-          Check the quality of the rug, surface of the rug and the material

-          Measure the floor area and how much rug you need to get to get for that

-          Color of the rug, whether it’s a bright colored rug or a darker rug.

Keeping these recommended things in mind will eventually help you to find what you are looking for. Since handmade rugs involve a lot of manual labor and skill, they cost more than machine made carpets. On the other hand, machine made carpets are done monotonously. They cannot be custom made or tailored to meet customer requirements. It is a continuous process and thus cannot be customized. Beware of dealers who try to sell you rugs that are more of a price and less of a skill. The only way to figure out the genuineness of a carpet is to buy it from a reputed store. Talk to clients that have bought rugs from any particular dealer before. Get client testimonials. If they are positive, you are on the right track to begin with. Once you have the opinions of other buyers, it’s not enough, make sure you talk to an expert to get more expertise on the subject. Consult from genuine dealers. Examine yourself to make sure the look and feel of the rug is good. Once you are sure about all these factors, you can decide to make a purchase.

Since handmade rugs online are expensive in nature, check out the prices. Look for colors (bright, soft or dark) design and shapes that are woven into the rug. Make a list of the sellers you are considering purchasing the rug from. Talk to all the dealers and make a comparison list. Make sure your list has the best of dealers in town and nothing less. If you are going to make such an investment, you possess the right to know all about your rug.

It’s better to buy handmade rugs from stores, but they can also be bought online. Since online stores have no visibility, even you like the catalogue, it’s better to make a final selection by going to the store. If you want to buy custom made rugs, keep in mind all the factors mentioned.