IGNOU Assignments are the best means to learn and test the learning

IGNOU is offering the right channel to study for those who want to pursue higher education in any field but are unable to do so in a regular educational institution for some reason. It is  termed as the largest open university and the fifth largest university across the world. It is due to the involvement of IGNOU that India now has its own standards of Distant Education in India by the establishment  of Distance Education Council ( DEC).

Since IGNOU is unlike any conventional educational institution, it has its own  way of teaching and testing. To make students learn in the most efficient manner,  it assigns marks for each student in every field of study in 2 parts; IGNOU examinations and IGNOU Assignments.  The first part involves testing the student in each semester and another part is the completion of  assignments provided to them. To get the passing results, pursuing both parts  is compulsory. To get promoted to a higher standard, apart from passing the examination,  a student has to submit the completely solved IGNOU assignments within deadlines for each semester. Thus, IGNOU assignments  have equal importance as the   main examinations.

Since IGNOU  offers distant learning, it provides correspondence courses and, for each semester,  students  receive study material and the assignments at their postal address. The student pursuing the course  is required to solve the assignment and submit  it to the IGNOU within a specified due date mentioned for the particular assignment. These assignments are comprised of many  questions and a few essays to be written.

For each study course, there are several assignments and when you submit them on any study center , save the receipt you get there. These centers post the grades received  by the students for these assignments to the SR&E Division from New Delhi and that grade would be added into the final result.

There are some instructions, you must be aware of as a student. The assignments are compulsory and need to be submitted before the term end examination. Students should follow the word limits given for the questions. They must be solved unit wise.

However, there are no regular classes are there for the assignments and thus, students have to solve them on their own. But, they can take help  from the study material provided by the university and the reference books for the subject available in the market.

Since submitting these IGNOU assignments   has equal importance as the  main exams, it is important that students solve them diligently.

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